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Capital CSKA in Champions League match take one of the leaders of the English Premier League

Photo: TASS, Valery sharifulin

CSKA – “Manchester United” – 1:4


Today again soccer, and again, to not believe it – the Champions League! And again the Russian (Moscow-)-English confrontation! Will play CSKA and “Manchester United”! They will play, and we, the “Interfax”, in text-mode translation we write about events, post pictures, legally taken from the official (and not so) pages in social networks.

The game will take place in Moscow at the stadium “VEB-arena” will begin, as is customary, at 21:45 Astana time

A day earlier in Moscow, but “Open Arena”, capital “Spartak” played with the English “Liverpool” and heroically held a draw 1:1. Although in the eyes of the astonished audience even was leading!

The atmosphere at the stadium yesterday was awesome. We believe that it will be the same in the match CSKA – Manchester United! But still worth to be careful:

CSKA have urged fans not to succumb to provocations during the match against Manchester United https://t.co/qQHYrl5d3j

— Interfax (@interfax_news) September 27, 2017

“Spartak” their warning, but what’s the point?

Well, okay. Today was the match between the youth teams of CSKA and man UTD. Manchester United have forced CSKA to lose to them.

CSKA lost to “Manchester United” in the UEFA Youth League https://t.co/kCJcjOh48I

— Interfax (@interfax_news) September 27, 2017

As for adults, basic commands, according to the bookies the favorite of the match is “Manchester United”

In the first round of CSKA has won a victory over the Portuguese “Benfica” with the score 2:1, and “Manchester United” home large – 3:0 – won by Swiss “Basel”.

In the current standings of the championship of Russia CSKA takes the fourth place with 20 points in 11 games. CSKA are seven points behind the leading “Zenith” from St. Petersburg.

The greatest success in European competitions, CSKA has achieved in 2005, winning the UEFA Cup.

As for MJ, the previous Premier League, he finished only in sixth place, but in the Champions League came through he won the Europa League 2016/17. And the English team got into the group stage directly.

Now “Manchester United” shares the lead in the standings of the championship of England “Manchester city”: the teams have played six matches and scored 16 points

“Manchester United” – one of the most renowned football clubs. In addition to numerous achievements in the English tournaments, on account of his many victories on the European stage. Manchester United, three – time winner of the Champions League (including the preceding Champions Cup), once the team has won the Europa League, Cup winners ‘ Cup (now not there) the UEFA super Cup, Intercontinental Cup and its successor, the FIFA club world Cup.

CSKA Moscow and Manchester United met each other four times – twice in the group stages in 2009/10 and 2015/16. In the 2009-10 season CSKA lost to English opponents at home with 0:1 and away played with him in a draw – 3:3.

In 2015/16, the army team played against Manchester United at home in a draw – 1:1. And has conceded with the account 0:1.

Full list ligachampion today’s matches:

Qarabağ host Roma in the 18CET kick-off! get creative with baby airlines

Will your #UCL team win tonight? ⚽I👇👇👇https://t.co/y2SELduvb5

— Champions League (@ChampionsLeague) September 27, 2017

I hasten to please you! Recently received the injured Mario fernández in the starting lineup!

Our lineup for #SCAMU! pic.twitter.com/PWtawGgPGx

— PFC CSKA Moscow (@pfc_cska) September 27, 2017

But the composition of the MJ:

Here’s tonight’s #MUFC team to face CSKA Moscow in the #UCL… pic.twitter.com/hVJIrf1lE1

— Manchester United (@ManUtd) September 27, 2017

Our correspondent Ilya Morozov, arrived in the “web Arena”, found around her house. Inside it on the field in a good mood to move, the players of CSKA.

But this is a pre-match walk on the pitch. The game has not yet started, especially “Manchester United” at the stadium came just now. The man who first “descended” from the salon, it is easy to see a brooding Jose Mourinho. He (still, you never know what will happen after the match) – the head coach “Manchester United”.

Football fans in the bus, which came to the players of Manchester United

These #MUFC fans can”t wait for kick-off. Thanks for the ride, @aeroflot! pic.twitter.com/rDqXaboThG

— Manchester United (@ManUtd) September 27, 2017

If you decide for a couple of minutes to switch from our online at the television images, you may see athletes in this form. Know this – the players of CSKA.

The locker room red-blue #SCAMU pic.twitter.com/TfvdhGzCHr

— PFC CSKA Moscow (@pfc_cska) September 27, 2017

It’s still a brooding Jose “the Special one” Mourinho (name in this line starts after the word “brooding”)

Jose Mourinho has made five changes from Saturday – follow tonight’s action in our live blog: https://t.co/DApVDWUJC6 #MUFC #UCL pic.twitter.com/bkHjglRbXL

— Manchester United (@ManUtd) September 27, 2017

We will not hide one scheduled for Wednesday of Champions League matches has already taken place. The debutant of the tournament’s main stage “Karabakh” in his field yielded formidable Roma from Italy – 1:2. First, it was scored as Roma players – Douglas Costa (7) and Edin Dzeko (15-I). Composed of Azerbaijanis then (28) Pedro Enrique.

Team on the field, the anthem of the Champions League!

CSKA fans in the stands staged a colorful performance!


So, the match began! To our success!


Ball – playing in white offering form of the players from Manchester?


We mentioned a couple of times about the head coach of Manchester United, it will not hurt to call the head coach of CSKA. This Is Viktor Goncharenko


CSKA fans chanting in unison slogans in support of their team.


In attack the guests. But the attack ended 10 meters away from the penalty area. However, the ball quickly returned to the feet of Manchester United


The response of the players of CSKA. Dzagoev almost went one on one with the goalkeeper of Manchester United. But to get to the ball in time, it still was ahead of the defender


CSKA – “Manchester United” – 0:1


Romelu Lukaku put the visitors in front. He did it with a header following a cross from Anthony Martial from the left flank. Well, we will win


CSKA almost bounced back! Alan Dzagoev from inside the box finished the ball into the goal – De GEA barely reached the bottom of the flying ball!


Beautiful performance of CSKA fans before the match!

The publication is from Ilya Morozov (@ilyamorozov1981) Sep 27 2017 11:47 PDT


Another colorful shot!

The publication is from Ilya Morozov (@ilyamorozov1981) Sep 27 2017 11:49 PDT


It was disturbing at the gate of CSKA after the filing of the opponent’s corner


Brilliant Akinfeev has rescued CSKA after getting the ball from opponents outstretched foot from point-blank range flew into the goal!


With the advantage of the English team the game


By the way, the group plays in CSKA, Basel is already leading 1:0 against Benfica. Already on the second minute scored the Swiss boys!

GOAL! Basel 1-0 Benfica (M. Lang 2). #UCL pic.twitter.com/Ddj4OxFijW

— Champions League (@ChampionsLeague) September 27, 2017


For vitinho, shot from right of the penalty area. The defender blocked the ball bounced to the army and left the field


A penalty is assigned in the gate CSKA. Schennikov fouled in the penalty area. According to the arbitrator, he brought down Henrikh Mkhitaryan and not played tackle on the ball


CSKA – “Manchester United” – 0:2


Anthony martial absolutely quietly take the spot kick, sending the ball into the opposite (right) from touchdown corner


Golovin, not really coming close to the penalty area, promising shot into the far corner. Hope for the accuracy of the shot was, but the ball passed the goal


Viktor Goncharenko, to penalties outwardly calm, at this time began to say something to my players


A panel joined by a group of army fans urging the players to act more aggressively


CSKA – “Manchester United” – 0:3


That third goal against CSKA. The army has missed its mark Lukaku, who sprang to the box with no problems closed chamber.

27′ comes the Third goal in our gate. Believe in team! (0:3) #SCAMU

— PFC CSKA Moscow (@pfc_cska) September 27, 2017


Basel leads at Benfica already 2:0

GOAL! Basel 2-0 Benfica (Oberlin 20). #UCL pic.twitter.com/cKB8nHJr2n

— Champions League (@ChampionsLeague) September 27, 2017


On Twitter, Manchester United still do not know that today their team is playing in white

Make that 10! ⚽️⚽️⚽️⚽️⚽️⚽️⚽️⚽️⚽️⚽️ pic.twitter.com/ddPyEBDf5Z

— Manchester United (@ManUtd) September 27, 2017


English team can not get enough – attacks and attacks on the gate CSKA


Lukaku has aimed not only at hat-trick, but against CSKA. From outside the penalty area he fired a low Akinfeev pulled the ball, moving it to the corner


Chalov handled the ball in the penalty area, made a couple of movements and under the crossbar! The goalkeeper pulled that punch!


Like came to the army, visibly perked up their game!


For vitinho gets in the gate “Manchester United” from afar – the ball landed in the hands of De GEA


Golovin has received a yellow card for mow Herrera on his side of the field. Perhaps it would have warned for the same action on the opposite side


The players Manchester United almost scored now – a shot from the penalty was blocked. But after that, the guests made a mistake, and CSKA went to the counter, independently, to the word and interrupted.


Dzagoev beat from outside the penalty area – the goalkeeper got the ball.


And here is the break. Before meeting in the second half, comrades!


The second half began! With the ball – the players of CSKA


Promising attack performed by CSKA. On the penalty he got the ball on the right, shifted under his left foot, at the same time deceiving the defender and struck the crossbar


Lukaku went out on strike, virtually stopping position and shot from outside the box – Akinfeev was able to reflect this impact!


Blind won the ball and struck his head on goal CSKA the crossbar


The results that occurred to the end of the first half (and in the case of “Karabakh” and “Roma – the end of the match)

Half-time! Goal of the night so far?#UCL

* Qarabağ 1-2 Roma is a result pic.twitter.com/h07Ogt7VJa

— Champions League (@ChampionsLeague) September 27, 2017


Dzagoev did not dare to strike from afar, instead he gave the penalty – the ball knocked the defender blind


Controlled the game the army team ran into a counterattack. She was interrupted Wernbloom rigidly met Mkhitaryan in midfield. Yellow card CSKA


CSKA – “Manchester United” – 0:4


The fourth goal in gate of CSKA. Wrong army defenders. Akinfeev heroically repelled the blow with the center of the box, but the rebound had Mkhitaryan, and after his shot to save the gate, the goalkeeper of the Moscow club, alas, could not


For vitinho, received a yellow card for a rough foul


Jesse Lingard came on as a substitute in the composition of the DOJ instead of Henry Mkhitaryan


And again Akinfeev reflects the impact from close range!


Bob does not know what to do and hang on the opponent, literally. Interestingly, long enough for the patience of the referee?


Fun in the stands. From there on the fly, as suggests (as I write about the game) my colleague Ilya Morozov, paper airplanes


Happy Mancunian. Well, what if Fellaini with numerous hair on the head, in the match not involved either in white or in red?

Akinfeev did well to deny @AnthonyMartial, but Mkhitaryan was on hand to slot in the rebound! #MUFC #UCL pic.twitter.com/vs5o6FFTo9

— Manchester United (@ManUtd) September 27, 2017


For vitinho gets in the far corner from about the line of the semicircle of the penalty area past the gate


Matteo Darmian is Ashley young on the pitch, Manchester United


And Timur Zhamaletdinov replaced Phaedra Chalova V CSKA


The British Mkhitaryan, the young immediately go to the locker room to change, and we have sad Fedor bravely sat on a bench.


Martial limp – kind of like asking a replacement.


Lukaku wanted to go through the crowd of players in the penalty area – this attempt failed


Marcus Rashford is Anthony Martial came from Manchester United


And Georgi Milanov replaced by Alan Dzagoev from CSKA


Despite such an unpleasant account, fans of CSKA do not leave the podium early.


Decreased the pace of the game. Oh right, what’s the hurry?


Again Akinfeev makes a save – after the one on one of Amauri, he deflected the blow.


Interesting if not Akinfeev, what would be the expense?


Among other things, Basel wins against Benfica with the score 5:0


The goalkeeper of Manchester United catches the ball for vitinho


Konstantin Kuchev replaced for vitinho from CSKA


As Manchester United prepares to take the free kick


Rashford struck too high


Well, that and began to leave the podium some fans. By the way, is justified: there is a risk to be late, for example, for the last train. Yesterday I was late but ran and caught the train at the next station…


CSKA – “Manchester United” – 1:4


And that goal by CSKA! Kuchev left in the penalty area beat the defenders and scored a goal!!!


CSKA came to life and launched a series of attacks, and even the corner. But completed his shot wide of the target


Two minutes, by the way, added to the time of the first half

All the match is over. CSKA lost to the team from Manchester with the score 1:4

Head coaches are welcome shook hands, and the players thanking their fans

This concludes our broadcast. Thank you for your attention and see you soon!

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