Gravitational waves for the first time “caught” the European detector

American and European physicists have managed to fix the gravitational waves that originated in the merger of two black holes. The first time they have recorded just three detector, maintained by collaboration LIGO and VIRGO. This allowed us to more accurately localize the source of “fluctuations in the fabric of space-time” and determine what exactly they were provoked.


Professionals LIGO in the past been able to detect gravitational waves three times already — these findings were reported in February and June 2016 and then to June 2017. The Franco-Italian detector VIRGO has started to work only last summer, so it is the first such success. The LIGO detectors located in the U.S. cities of Livingston and Handford, VIRGO, near the Italian city of Pisa. The researchers argue that by using three detectors, the point at which is located the source of vibrations, was able to identify much more precisely than before with two.

Scientists also said that gravitational waves, as in all currently known cases appeared in the result of collision of black holes. Alternative version, according to which waves could produce a collision of neutron stars, was not confirmed.

On the results obtained, the participants VIRGO and LIGO collaborations said in a speech at the press briefing, which took place at the meeting of Ministers “the Big seven” in Turin, Italy.

For the first time about the discovery of gravitational waves was announced around a century after their existence was theoretically predicted by albert Einstein in the theory of relativity. Many experts agree that this event can be without any exaggeration be called “discovery of the century”. The LIGO team, which managed to catch gravitational waves, subsequently, was awarded the international research award Shao, which is sometimes called the “Nobel prize of the East”. According to some forecasts, in the future specialists can receive for his discovery and the Nobel prize.

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