In Moscow showed a sensational performance Carolyn Carlson

Baby! “Carlson?!!” happily asks 6-year-old boy for his mother, when before the show “little Seeds (return to Earth)” in the framework of the festival “Gavrosh” announce the name of the choreographer. The legend of the world of choreography Carolyn Carlson Moscow ballet lovers know very well. She made several trips to Russia, the last time was at the Bolshoi theatre two years ago, when I was doing a play for Diana Vishneva. But what a great Carlson writes for children in the Russian capital, recognized for the first time…

Photo: a frame from the video


The value Carolyn Carlson (American with Finnish roots) for French, and all European modern dance cannot be overestimated. Getting in 1974, the invitation to the Paris Opera as a choreographer, she is five years headed there experimental troupe theater studies. Then he puts in the theater “La Fenice” leads the troupe “Ballet Cullberg”, teaches in Paris, Vienna, Milan, Maurice béjart in Lausanne. Now head of the choreographic centre “Roubaix Nord Pas-de-Calais” and remains one of the iconic choreographers of modern European dance.

Carlson does not specifically children’s performances — she muses on topics understandable to both adult and child. “She believes that the children need not Lisp at some conventional baby language and talking like adults, that the child can feel and understand much more than we about the suspect”, — says to me after the presentation starring Alexis Ocean. He studied in Brussels at the School of movement at Jacques Lecoq, and worked in Marseille, Marie-Claude Pietragalla; participation in performances Carlson — his first collaboration with cult master. And in the “Seeds” he performs the function of a Storyteller — that of the demiurge who creates in the eyes of the fantasy world.

First, because of the ramp appears the head, then arm, leg, half a torso, then all of the protagonist’s own persona. It is a black suit, face is a little abelino, and in his hands — a mysterious sheet of paper, which, like a magician, he performs various manipulations: apply to face and get long whiskers, which transformirovalsya in a pretty bow, then in front of us — already have a beard… And one of the five installed on the stage of luminous blue light of the screens appears the DNA helix, the symbol of life which twists and turns into little pea. The pea germinates, begins to grow — and parallel to it, then, at the bottom of the screen, we see the rolled up creature, the movement of which resemble the germination of the grain, — that we see on the screen. Then behind the screen, too, is as a shadow, there is another creature — a pair of Japanese dancers, which will be the entire show to accompany the main character, soon to appear on the screen drawing of man Elixa, which by means of a magic lantern draws on the screen Alexis. Between hand-drawn cartoon Liksom and Alexis — some mysterious connection: first, Alexis considers surrounding a telescope, then it makes the cartoon character, nestled on the painted cloud. Here, there is a clear analogy with the “Little Prince” of Antoine de Saint-Exupery, one of my favorite authors Carolyn Carlson. In dialogue with Exupery, thinking about his ideas and she made this show.

Carolyn invited animator Yassin AIT Cassis (YAK) to create the image on the screen. Cartoon man — the emblem of the United Nations (UN) in graphic design. He impersonates the man and all of humanity — and the spirit, and consciousness. Before us is a poem without words, the performance is a reflection: it is about nature, about awe of her strength. It is an ode to seed — a sacred source of life, and his main idea is reflected in the second title: “Return to earth”. “We live in a very fast paced world where everything is run, everything changes with incredible speed, and speed, but the grains, which represent life, with incredible power can break through the soil, the nature, to germinate, to take root. Carolyn is very interested in Buddhism, a philosophy, philosophical conception of the world close to her,” muses Alexis.

In the play really everything is subordinated to this idea: creative, plastic, movement, animation and costumes. In one scene, Alexis wears a Grand dress “Haute couture” (artist — Olivier Moulin), as if personifying the Earth, from which grew the tree on shoulder; in the other he turns the pages of a glowing book, and the Japanese dancer Chinatsu Kazakhtani appears in a dress with a heavily protruding belly glow: is about to be born child…

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