“Muskwakechika” is hair, sky optimism and the horizontal bar in the picture

Almost simultaneously in Moscow opened the exhibition at the Museum АРТ4, galleries “Askeri” and “Altman” striking originality.

The Work Of Conor McCready

ART4 Museum has prepared an exhibition with an unusual name “HAHAHAMOSCOW of MUSKWAKECHIKA”. “Hahaha” is what is missing for many busy people. After visiting the exhibition, you can just relax and smile. Each exhibit there is a special one: real hair that can be combed, fancy costume in the center of the room, the picture with a horizontal bar for pull-UPS, inflating a cat, a trampoline and much more. The exhibition aims to preserve the personal source of an optimistic perception of the world. The quality of optimism can be different — distorted, crippled, sarcastic, bright, harmonious, heavenly. About forty well-known and lesser-known artists presented their work. Some of them can enter into a constant exposition of the Museum.

Pablo Picasso. Picado II. Lithography.

“Askeri Gallery” will present the first Russian exhibition of one of the most popular artists in Europe Conor McCready. He paints only in one color, patented “Mccreedyblue”. Inspires the artist nature of South Africa, where he came from. But his career was in new York, where he started as a street artist. Unusual paintings draw McCready, blue details evoke a variety of associations. Each spectator finds in them something of their own. One of the works the artist painted specially for the gallery, and it will be presented at the exhibition, which Conor personally assembled in Moscow. In gratitude, he sent the gallery rose, as you might guess, too blue.

Andrey Bartenev. Moscow HAHAHA

In the gallery “Altmans” will open the exhibition “Passion. Blood. Wine. Woman” by Pablo Picasso, which will bring together works from private collections previously inaccessible to the General public. As you know, the artist possessed a temper. He investigated the properties of passion. His work related to this topic will also be presented in Moscow. The bullfight is always bloodshed, and this is another leitmotif of the exhibition, along with such concepts as life and death, passion and the impossibility, relationship between bullfighting and woman, wine, warming the blood, which honors the winner is… the drink of the gods and the drink of love — Picasso gives you the opportunity to feel their taste.

Arthur Newman. Angel view.

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