New in the “Krasnodar cannibals”: the dinner of cannibals in an abandoned house

In Krasnodar the couple accused of cannibalism, has confessed to killing two people. According to Baksheesh, the first murder they committed in 2012, the second — in 2017. the Body of the last victim was dismembered, some fragments hid at the crime scene, something took. After these confessions the couple refused to answer questions from investigators.

Where criminals have killed people who were victims of cannibals and why a woman who was killed at their hands, no one was looking?

Natalia baksheeva and Dmitry Baksheev. photo: social networks

– I know Baksheesh, though he met with them only five months ago — says an employee of a nearby grocery store. — They were our regular customers. Our shop is located near the flight school. The first time we noticed this lady (Natalia Baksheeva – “MK”) we have like five months ago. I remember her because she was behaving inappropriately.

When she passed between the stalls, suddenly threw a fit, began to cry and lament: “Give me a little water, I want cadets to take, I feel so sorry for them”. We approached her, she continued to cry: “I am a former nurse, worked in school, always lure Kursantov, sneakers they bought, chocolate, juice.” She had wailed.

I even thought, is not drunk? The woman was clearly not himself. When she calmed down, went to choose a product. Since then, she and her husband have become our regular customers.

Dmitry always looked unkempt. Here he is on the photos on the net, so came to us. He always smelled funny. By the way, Dmitry during all five months every day came to the shop, apparently, in the house he was on the farm. Dog when they have always been. They did not part with it.

— Judging by the photos in social networks, Natalia looked quite decent.

I saw these pictures, I did not recognize them Natalia. I remember her as being very different — puffy, messy hair.

— What Baksheeva you can buy in the store?

Always bought vodka and salted cucumbers. Last time I seen Natalia after her husband was detained. Dmitry was arrested first. When it closed, she was still on the loose. The next day, at 11am, was in our store bought vodka. Like the same day and she was detained. Have you heard where they dealt with their victims?

— There was some one place?

– It is silent in the press. But I told friends that serve in the police that everything happened in an abandoned house, which is never protected. This building is directly opposite our shop. Once the house was built for the military, but the construction freeze.

The multi-storey house is an eerie sight on the first floor all the Windows knocked out, doors removed. They say that in this house and found a lot of blood, remains. Every morning, I pass by this building, now it is guarded by three cadets, no one is allowed there.

When it happened, operatives together with students I went through there each floor. In different apartments and found the evidence. Perhaps if the property was secured, the tragedy could have been avoided. Local residents wrote complaints, asked to carry the spooky house or to take custody. But this house did not seem to notice. At one time there was occupied by the homeless, as there is populated by illegals broke into empty apartments and lived there. Now police say Baksheeva it was in this house built a crypt.

— We know that it found in that house?

— Like the remains of the last victims found there. And we remembered that last spring at this house near tanks with garbage, where we bring discarded goods, I saw a human hand. Decided that fake. But now we thought: maybe, after all this is a real brush was?

— In mass media there was information that the couple Baksheesh could kill 30 people.

— We came by the store are different people, among them were outcasts, alcoholics. Such characters are especially remarkable, because we monitor them so nothing is stolen. So the two went-went, and then disappeared. They lived somewhere nearby, maybe even in the same “zabroski”. We decided that they be put in jail, have done maybe. And after a while learned that the cops are after them — some of them relatives or friends addressed to militiamen. Then we were told that these people were missing. They never found it. I admit that Baksheeva could find people to invite to the same abandoned house to drink, and then deal with them.

About one of the victims of cannibals, Helena, little is known. Age — 35 years. Place of birth — Kirov oblast.

— We worked together in the printing house “Soviet Kuban”. As a laborer she was, a colleague told Elena. Two years ago she was expelled for drunkenness.

— She’s from the Kirov region?

— Somewhere in there. But for a long time lived in Krasnodar. Like someone left her Studio apartment.

When she was gone, her were looking for?

I didn’t even hear what she was missing. Asked acquaintances — they were also not aware of. No one was looking, that’s for sure. To work to get she could not. Perhaps Bakievym she agreed on the basis of alcohol. Made friends with them. Usually these people when lost, they immediately forget.

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