Officer APU: fire in military warehouses near Vinnitsa to blame the drone

The Ukrainian military has found the perpetrators of the fire in military warehouses in Kalinovka near Vinnitsa. As reported by the press officer of the Main Department of material support of the armed forces Sergei Misyura, “explosions in the military warehouses is one of the subversive groups, which managed to sneak away during the antiterrorist operation Ukrainian special services in Vinnytsia region”. According to him, they undermined the warehouses with the help of a drone.


I remember, during the same spring and state of emergency in Balakleya in Kharkiv region officers as well talked about the drone-bomber, and then found out that ammunition was stored there in the street under the open sky, and the guards just smoked nearby. Saboteurs there was no need to strain. Therefore, the investigation of the “sabotage” has long decayed. And now a new reason to remember the Almighty DRG. It follows the story of a press officer, “we Have Intel that another 25 numbers in Vinnytsia region held anti-terrorist exercises, during which took place the persecution of subversive groups. The bulk were identified and carried out arrests. The majority, but not all. Because one group was able to deliver on the drone explosive device” the Situation is curious: why saboteurs caught in the “anti-terrorist exercises”? They were also educational? Or without exercise, just as planned, and saboteurs in Ukraine, no catches? And the teachings, as we see, not the future, the readiness group was able from the secret service to sneak out. Moreover, even successfully undermine the warehouses. Maybe if doctrines were not, all would have done. Could sit saboteurs in their “burrows”, not bothering anyone…

In the version of the drone press officer entirely sure. According to him, the sound of the aircraft heard by the guards. “The guards reported about the sound in the sky, and then began to break the shells that lay on the street. It’s confirmed — working drone and a terrorist act.”

While the military figure out who would blame the undermining of the military warehouses, the situation in the villages near disastrous object. The network got pictures of the completely destroyed houses, burnt cars, charred fruit trees. “There is no bus station. The shells hit the hospital and in school” – say the locals in the networks. Rumors swirled of chemical and radioactive contamination of the terrain. Authorities in Vinnytsia region deny this information and encourage you not to succumb to provocations.

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“Witnesses posted a video of a fire near Vinnitsa: “Rockets fly””


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