Parents are concerned about the shortage of places in gardens, and not the standards of educators

27 September in Russia for the second time celebrated new professional holiday — Day of the teacher, established Minobrom last year. Currently in full swing development of a new professional standard of preschool teacher, which strongly change the job requirements of kindergarten teachers. What should be the teacher of a new model, how will this affect the children and their parents and what to do with the catastrophic shortage of places in kindergartens for children up to 3 years, were discussed by the experts.

photo: Natalia Muslinkina

Since the introduction of the previous standard of preschool education it’s been 3.5 years, — explains the Director of the Institute for the study of childhood, family and upbringing RAO Tatiana Volosovets. — During this time there have been major changes that dictate new requirements for the work of the preschool teacher. In recent years, parents have been able to give children with disabilities in regular kindergarten groups. But preschool teachers do not know the specifics of the development of children with disabilities, are not able to develop them with special educational programs. Under the new standard, teachers will need to develop new approaches to working with special children. One of the innovations is the separation of skills and responsibilities of regular and senior educators. Task senior teacher in addition to work with children will be to assess and coordinate the work of ordinary teachers of the kindergarten, transfer them to their own experience.

— Every year the demands on the caregiver by the parents increase, — says the teacher of the preschool Department of the school №283 Yuliya Novoselova. — In Moscow, among parents of preschoolers a lot of very highly educated people, expectations which the caregiver need to match.

However, numerous appeals of parents indicate that at the moment they do not care about the quality of training of educators, and what they simply cannot appreciate. In the country there is still a catastrophic situation with shortage of places in preschools, especially for children under 3 years. After 1.5 years the child allowance is only 100 rubles, and mom can’t go to work because no one with whom to leave the child.

Experts agree that the problem can be solved only through the construction of new buildings for preschools, but during the crisis the state is the construction will not pull. Therefore, except for the group’s short stay in the near future parents no hope. Apart from the shortage of places in kindergartens is an acute problem with their equipment.

Environment in most kindergartens at the moment does not meet even the current standard, — says the head of the coordination and analytical Department of the Centre of psycho-pedagogical expertise of games and toys msupe Natalia Matushkina. — The current system of public procurement for preschools completely opaque, it’s like the cat in the bag. And the lack of proper equipment in the kindergarten affects the ability of educators for the development of children.

In addition, a big problem is that the profession of teacher in our country is still quite undervalued and underpaid. People are reluctant to work in kindergartens, so many institutions there is a constant shortage of staff. While the condemnation of the new profstandart, many experts agree that the work of a teacher in modern conditions it is necessary to take only people with higher education, cutting of graduates SPO. However, in the context of the current situation in the country, it looks at the moment almost impossible task.

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