Purchase crystal epaulet Regardie explained a long-standing tradition, the military surprised

The Department of Regardie on interaction with mass media explained the purchase of more than a hundred pairs of crystal shoulder straps “long-standing military tradition”, reports the BBC. The veteran of the Ministry of interior to which the mass media asked for a comment, anything like have never heard of.

photo: kremlin.ru

We will remind that on Wednesday on the procurement website appeared a order of Regardie 104 crystal pair of General’s epaulettes: the total maximum cost of the order amounted to 582 thousand rubles. The chase and the gift wrapped to them were presented with the stringent requirements detailed in the order.

Asked by reporters about the purpose of this order, the Department stated that the shoulder straps are “long-standing military tradition, which is shared by Regardie in promoting their officers,” adding that “these relatively inexpensive in monetary terms, gifts are invaluable as promotion and often become family heirlooms, passed down to sons and grandsons”.

However, a retired officer of the internal troops in an interview to “BBC” reported that heard nothing about such a tradition: according to him, before the military gave the “usual shoulder straps – everything from Lieutenant to General. This is done solemnly, at a General meeting or a Council of war, in the presence of the command.”

“It is clear that the rank of General are more expensive. But crystal shoulder straps – this is something new. Why do they need? Gave to then just gold. Perhaps this is someone’s personal gift,” he suggested.

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