“Rapper Oxxymiron star in the film based on the novel by Pelevin

The rapper Oxxymiron (Miron Fedorov) will play in the film adaptation of the novel of Victor Pelevin “Empire V” the main antagonist of the Miter. About the rapper wrote on his Twitter.

Guys, more news. Lavra, the ice cube did not give me rest, so next year will climb to a great movie: https://t.co/8lNjl5HHjH

— Oxxxymiron (@norimyxxxo) September 27, 2017

This information was confirmed by the Director of a picture Victor Ginzburg, previously starred in the film based on another novel Pelevin “Generation P”. Ginsburg explained that for him the film “had to find real evil – and I found it.” The main role in the film will play Pavlo Tabakov.

Oxxymiron became widely known not interested in rap audience after a battle with Meningitis, which attracted record-breaking attention in the Russian media.

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