“Roads of happiness” pass through “Helikon-Opera”

28 September “Helikon-Opera” at Stravinsky hall concert “the Road of happiness” Marina Devyatova and show-ballet “the Yar-dance”.

photo: ru.wikipedia.org

“Russian song has always been, is and will be. While there are Russian people will live and Russian song. That’s the feeling I want to convey to the public through my art”-said Marina Devyatova. Talented Russian singer is admired by both Russian and foreign spectators. She was gathering halls in Germany, Italy, France, Bulgaria, Latvia, USA, China and Mongolia, sang for Queen Elizabeth II. Each concert Marina Devyatova – bright and vivid – the audience accepted with delight. And that “Helikon-Opera” always represents something new and beautiful to your audience. Performed by Marina heard Russian folk songs, which are not so often fulfilled. That’s why it’s nice that national traditions are not forgotten, and listening to this beautiful singer, I want to believe that it always will be.

“Roads of happiness” are not only songs, but a real show about the fate of the strong Russian woman, her beauty and sheer force of will. It also will include several lullabies. Not so long ago, Marina became a mother, and this event launched her new program. Says the singer, it’s not just a concert, but an opportunity to show their acting skills, the naturalness of the origin of the feelings. It is important to tell a story that will contribute to the fact “that women loved and was not afraid to start a family”. Almost each of them there comes a time when the birth of a child opens something that I want to share with others.

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