Russia and the United States made friends the moon: who is more profitable

Russia and USA will work together to explore deep space and create near-moon visited the platform. The state Corporation “Roskosmos” and the National aeronautic and space USA (NASA) signed on Tuesday, on this occasion a joint statement at the 68th International Astronautical Congress which is taking place these days in the Australian Adelaide. There we heard other revelations that demanded serious review by experts of the Russian space industry.

Lunar project

More recently, in March of this year, Donald trump shocked everyone (think of the NASA employees too), a statement of the crossing of lunar and Martian programs, starting in 2018. However, a month later there was also a program of lunar exploration, which involves manned missions to our satellite in the early 20-ies. Make the ships Orion on a circumlunar lunar orbit have visited the platform called Deep Space Gateway (“the gateway to deep space”). In principle, the Americans had not reported separate studies within this program. But also about the possibility of Russia’s participation also did not say anything.

And here is a joint statement of cooperation. In its framework experts have agreed on standards for a docking station future station. It will be created on the basis of Russian developments, as well as the standards of life-support systems. Subsequently, these developed standards will be guided to all countries that wish to join the Duo of USA—Russia in the orbit of the moon. The basic works on creation of a lunar station will start in the mid 20-ies.

Commented on the member-correspondent of the Russian Academy of cosmonautics, member of the expert Council under the Government of the Russian Federation Andrey IONIN:

— Cooperation in this case is the only way for Russia to develop its manned space program. And alone to negotiate with the United States amid the current difficult political situation, in my opinion, at least inadvertently. Remember what a fiery speech uttered recently by the head of the American Council on space Michael Pence: “We have to make the first American boots had set foot on Mars!” Even Neil Armstrong, who first walked on the moon, talked about it as a great step for all mankind… On the background of such national egoism of the statement on joint development of our technologies on an equal footing questionable. Although I do not exclude the possibility that our heads of state have agreed on the steps of convergence that needs to end hostile rhetoric and in the future lead to really positive changes. I would like to believe it. But even this raises another question: where to take money for deep space and maintain the ISS?

As explained in the Roscosmos, the question of the closure of some existing projects in light of the emergence of new agreements is not. Of course, participation in the project of the DSG will require additional funding, but until the leadership of the Corporation will not be a clear understanding about the configuration of its infrastructure, to talk about the cooperation details prematurely. The specialists still have time to think about it. It is assumed that each member state will bring to the project already developed by existing technologies.

Our ships USA

Another big news from Astronautical Congress was the words of the employee of Roscosmos, cosmonaut Sergei Krikalev on the fact that our astronauts preparing for flight on the American Dragon spacecraft from SpaceX, Cockpit from Boeing and Orion from Lockheed Martin: “After the American side will have its own manned spacecraft, the possibility of cross-joint of the flight crews on both Russian and American ships.”

At first glance, there is nothing wrong with that people from our training Center for astronauts will fly on the ships of the American production. According to the famous blogger — specialist space industry Vitaly EGOROV (Green Cat), “the first flight of the Soviet cosmonaut on the American ship took place in 1975, when the Americans first flew in the “Soyuz”. For the entire program Mir — Space Shuttle and then the ISS on the Shuttle flew 20 Russians, and four twice, and he Krikalev three times. For some time the Americans held the parity, but after the termination of the Space Shuttle program the ISS were forced to move on the Russian Soyuz. Now 39 Americans have used the services of “Roscosmos”, five — two times”.

According to Yegorov, the flights of our space explorers would benefit more, enrich our experience and familiarity with the found technological solutions.

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