The Earth was struck by a powerful magnetic storm

Today, 28 September, the Earth is a powerful magnetic storm, reaching the third level on a scale. It started due to the fact that yesterday about 9 o’clock in the morning Moscow time the Earth became a stream of fast solar wind. About it reports a press-service of the Physical Institute named after P. N. Lebedev of the Russian Academy of Sciences, citing data obtained by the spacecraft ACE.


The speed of the surrounding solar plasma at the time of contact of the planet to the stream increased from 300-350 to about 500 kilometers per second, and by midnight had increased even more — up to 650-700 km per second. This figure exceeds the average value by almost half, remains at this level and at this point, causing the planet’s magnetic field is in the perturbed state.

According to experts, at the moment the Earth passes the fastest part of the flow and experiencing the greatest impact. This inside flow, the planet will be in the thread about the day and, although the strength of the magnetic storm is unlikely to increase, completely calm down the Earth’s magnetic field due to the middle of Friday, September 29.

Automatic satellite ACE, or the Advanced Composition Explorer, which specialists received data that was launched by the American aerospace Agency NASA in the framework of the program of researches of the Sun and outer space Explorer explore these kinds of matter as the energy particles of the solar wind, the interplanetary and the interstellar medium, and galactic matter. The launch took place on 25 August 1997 and it is anticipated that the spacecraft will continue until 2024. An artificial satellite is in orbit Lissajous of the Lagrange point L1, which lies on the straight line between the sun and the Earth at a distance approximately 1.5 million kilometers from the latter.

Solar wind — stream of plasma continuously flowing from the Sun’s atmosphere in all directions and fills the entire Solar system.

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