“The German Ambassador saw no reasons to change policy towards Russia

After the parliamentary elections in Germany will form the new government

– The policy of Berlin towards Moscow with the advent of the new German government will not change the subject, said the Ambassador of Germany to Russia rüdiger von Fritsch, published in the Wednesday evening interview to the newspaper “Kommersant”.

“As for the relations with Moscow would not like to anticipate or predict what will be the policy of the next government of Germany against Russia, but convinced that it was substantial, substantive, nothing will change. And that’s good,” he said.

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According to the diplomat, currently on issues of German-Russian relations in Germany between the virtually all important political forces there is broad consensus.

“And it is this: there is no alternative to good German-Russian relations, and we must do everything to develop them in the same positive way. But at the same time, we intend to continue to speak frankly with our Russian interlocutors on the problems and disagreements in the hope that joint efforts will be able to solve,” said von Fritsch.

Touching upon the trade-economic cooperation, von Fritsch said that for the first six months of 2017, bilateral trade increased by 28%.

“The volume of German investment in Russia is at a record level, and everywhere is heard the hope that growth will continue in the future. And rightly so: the Russian economy is growing again, thanks to successful monetary and fiscal policies, the inflation rate is low, since the 90-ies, level,” – said the diplomat.

According to him, German companies appreciate a stable macroeconomic environment is very high.

“During the crisis, they are (- if) has really remained faithful to the Russian market and not trying at breakneck speed to leave the country. This position is characteristic of German business. The company does not seek to make money in Russia’s fast money, their goal is long-term, stable investment. Thus, in Russia they have directly created about 100 thousand jobs,” – said the Ambassador of Germany in Russia.

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