The leader of the “Christian state” killed the neighbor for 75 thousand rubles

In Krasnoyarsk regional court told details of the previous conviction of the leader of the “Christian state” Alexander Kalinin: it turned out that the sentence was imposed on him for the murder of a neighbor, which along with two drug addicts, he stole 75 thousand rubles.

photo: Archive MK

As reported a press-the court Secretary Natalia Mishanina, RIA “Novosti”, the murder occurred in 2002: the woman was a good friend of the mother Kalinina, so he knew she has money.

About this future leader of a “Christian state” and told the familiar drug, but all three woman opened the door only after it was asked to do it myself Kalinin. In the end, they broke into the apartment, found 75 thousand rubles and to cover his tracks, strangled their owner.

For this crime Kalinin was sentenced to 8.5 years in a penal colony, a term he served in Norilsk.

Also, the court spokesman added that in January 2003, the Kalinin received a suspended sentence of 2 years for forgery of certain documents.

Recall that at the moment Kalinin is suspected of threats to theaters for screenings of “Matilda”.

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