The police are checking video beating Omsk three Caucasians in the lift

Police Omsk region has started the investigation after the emergence of the social networks of the video, where a man of Slavic appearance beats in the lift three people from the Caucasus.

In comments to the video States that the incident occurred in the Elevator of an apartment house on the street Red path, although law enforcement is not yet confirmed, reports

The police said that while one can argue that the events in the video actually occurred in Omsk.

“In any case, in police departments on the territory of the red path, no such accidents are not registered”, – said the portal a press-the Secretary of regional management of the Ministry of internal Affairs Alexey Amandykov.

The record shows, as a blond man about something talking to opponents, and obviously in a raised voice. When the Elevator doors opened, he suddenly attacked the Caucasians, and the attack was so quick that the victims simply did not have time to rebuff.

Watch the video on:
The “face “of Slavic nationality” beat three Caucasians in the Elevator”



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