“The Russian Orthodox Church proposed to nationalize created by the government of the Soviet songs

– It is necessary to nationalize the song “Dark night”, “Oh, dear” and several other compositions created on state orders, said the first Deputy head of the Synodal Department for Church and society and the media Alexander Shchipkov.

“I think we should raise the question of the nationalization of works of art created by our ancestors. This issue is very serious and very complex from a legal point of view, but these pieces I have listed, and many others, we have to return into circulation,” said Tweaks on Wednesday during the meeting of the Interfactional group of the state Duma on the protection of Christian values.

He noted that “if to remember Soviet period, of course, lots of great artists – writers, poets, artists – were deprived of the opportunity to write.” “The number one poet Nikolay Zabolotsky was sitting and was unable to write” – gave an example of Tweaks.

“But at the same time was the state order: “Oh, dear” is the government order, “the Dark night” is the government order, “Flying birds” is the government order, Isakovsky (Mikhail Isakovsky, Russian, Soviet poet and novelist – if) and Blanter (Matvey Blanter, composer – if) worked on government contracts,” said Pinch.

However, “today, the majority of these songs, works we do not hear, because they have heirs, which require money to have these songs played on our TV and radio, instead of these wonderful songs we listen to Frank hack-work”.

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