The traffic police will help the censorship of films: “Drinking in a tavern, the hero will call a taxi”

Cloth police arm reached already before world of film directing. The government decided that the police knows better how to shoot a scene where the characters go by car — and ride they must, accordingly, by all the rules.

photo: Evgeny Semenov

Bureaucratic “struggle for SDA” is slowly becoming quite a schizophrenic form. Suddenly it became clear that “the most important of the arts” can also be compelled to comply with the Rules of the road. Recently it became known that the government ordered the interior Ministry and the Ministry of culture to develop official recommendations for the observance of traffic rules in the created domestic films. What is a “recommendation” in modern Russian reality — we know. The film, which should not be such a “discreet advice”, it can, for example, not to give distribution permission.

That want to regulate in the national cinema “art” from the interior? It turns out, none: the characters must be in the car to use the phone only with the “hands-free”, to always wear your seat belt, children carry only in a child seat, to pedestrians on “Zebra” and the like. The media has even got explanations from “sources in the government”. They boil down to the fact that in extreme scenes where the chase and other traffic violations to show you, and the rest — no, no. Thus, the government, as it turns out, intends to bring in the citizens respect and the habit to comply with the requirements of the SDA.

Most of the specimens of national cinema as the power of the psychological impact on the audience, and by audience reach, and not hold a candle to foreign film production. If only for this reason alone, where it would be logical to release the police recommendations are not for domestic, and for foreign filmmakers.

But even if we leave out this obvious fact, the idea is to fit the film under the SDA looks pathetic. You just need to imagine how will look like on the screens shots of works of art, “filed” under the requirements of the SDA.

Here the villain gets in the car to go to work. First of all, he throws into the nearest dustbin your favorite AK-47: because Russian law prohibits trafficking in firearms! And before that, secretly stealing someone else’s car, he was for half of the movie tries to make friends with your mobile phone with the car system “hands-free” to somewhere closer to the end he was able to call from the car to the boss, without violating the Russian traffic rules!

A group of brutal bad guys on powerful bikes, forget about their obscene plans, waiting patiently in front of “Zebra”, before the scurry back and forth old women and organized groups of schoolchildren. Drinking in a tavern, a cool and reckless main character, strictly bearing in mind the recommendations of the Ministry of interior and the Ministry of culture, is not carried away in the night in a puff of smoke from under the wheels of his convertible, and patiently getting wet in the rain movie, yet deigns to be pre-booked taxi. Cinematic soldiers, shaking in the back of a truck on the way to the front, also will be provided with seat belts. About ways of implementing the SDA in the fabric of Soviet movies even scary to think…

Such a sweet heart officials perspective darkens only one consideration: to watch this dreary horror not even the officials — the normal person to view such kinosphere not to drag.

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