The Ural Deputy spied on women in the bathroom with a camcorder

Director krasnoufimskiy enterprise “Energoservis”, the Deputy of the local Duma Andrey Merzlikin became involved in the case. The people’s choice installed in the ladies room a video camera, and pointed it at such an angle that you can see all the details of female physiology.


Scandal erupted in the city of Krasnoufimsk, Sverdlovsk region, where 37-year-old MP Merzlikin works Director MUP “energy”. One of the employees of the enterprise was accidentally discovered in a female restroom surveillance camera.

“It was a so-called “action camera” that operates autonomously. Before to install it, it should be included. On the record clearly shows that the camera near the toilet attached personally by the Director of the MUP, the Deputy Andrey Merzlyakov,” reports krasnoufimskiy edition

When the history of the spying became public, two women who unwittingly become characters of the movie Deputy, wrote on his statements to the police.

The Investigative Committee for the Sverdlovsk region have confirmed that in relation to Merzlikina a criminal case under article “Violation of privacy”. “The complex of measures aimed at establishing all the circumstances of the crime, collecting and securing evidence base,” — said “URA.RU” in the office.

He Merzlikin said in his defense that he wanted to catch the mole who allegedly leaking classified information about the “Energy” to interested parties. However, did not specify why the spy had to catch in the women’s restroom.

About Merzlyakov known that in the Duma elections Krasnoufimskiy district, he scored, wrote to local media, 255 votes, showing the best result in the constituency. Was nominated by the party “United Russia”. Had a previous conviction under article 158 of the criminal code “Theft”, which were repaid in 2004.

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