“Wounded themselves in protest in Helsinki men were a gay couple from Russia

– Two men who on 22 September self-inflicted stab wounds on the steps of the Finnish Parliament in Helsinki, claim that they are a gay couple from Russia.

As reported on Wednesday the portal broadcasting Yle with reference to the Finnish media, Alexander and Nikita has told that from-for prosecutions in the homeland in connection with their orientation, they requested asylum in Finland, but was refused. In an interview with IltaSanomat they expressed the hope that the publicity will help not only them, but other gay couples from Russia, and then what they did should “force the Finns to pay closer attention to the desperate situation of the Russian sexual minorities”.

At the same time leading the investigation on this case kersee Kant has not confirmed media reports about the nationality of the men, writes Helsingin Sanomat.

As reported, two men on Friday, September 22 self-inflicted stab wounds at the building of the Finnish Parliament and was hospitalized. The victims found an identification card of a reception centre for refugees, but their nationality by the authorities was not reported.

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