Young Russians are ready to fly around Venus and Mars for 600 days

How to fly by Venus and Mars for 600 days? This was told in Australia at the 68th International Astronautical Congress, the representative of the North-West Federation of Astronautics of Russia Ksenia lissitsyna.


Recall that the forum began its work on September 25. On it came more than four thousand experts in the field of space exploration from 80 countries, including astronauts, heads of space agencies, engineers, and lawyers. Topics for discussion during the five days stated different from the serious talks at the level of heads of space agencies to seminars devoted to space exploration and presentations of youth projects.

With one such project flyby of Venus and Mars, prepared by young scientists from Russia and came to the Congress Ksenia lissitsyna.

Their interplanetary ship “Argo” is very similar to the space station, consisting of two cargo ships that will be brought to the orbit of the Earth at a time, and the Soyuz spacecraft, which upon completion of the mission will help the two interplanetary travelers to land.

Ksenia lissitsyna protects the project

As explained by one of the leaders of the mission Alexander Khokhlov, the aim of the project was to create a close to reality model of a spaceship in order to taking advantage of the position of the planets (Earth, Venus and Mars) using gravitational maneuvers, with a minimum amount of fuel and without having to go into orbit obitaemyj planets. Such a project would make the first ever manned mission with a crew of two people outside the orbit of the moon in the next 10 years.

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