“Airlines began mass export from Turkey tourists with tickets “VIM-Avia”

– The airline began a mass evacuation of tourists with tickets “VIM-Avia”, who are stuck in Turkey, delivery of there new visitors who have bought tickets with tickets of the airline, said “Interfax” on Friday a press-the Secretary of the Russian Union of travel industry (PCT) Irina Tyurina.

She recalled that at the time of stop of the flight on 25 September in the resorts of Antalya and Dalaman, there were 39 thousand Russians brought “VIM-Avia”. “Starting from September 25 to this amount was added every day about 2 thousand people who had to fly home, but their flights were canceled. Private tour operators can take tourists on their own boards, but it’s a negligible part of the total number,” – said Turina.

In России28 Sep 2017СКР confirmed the departure of the owners of “VIM-Avia” of Rosiekitty read more

Yesterday at meeting in the Ministry of transport plan was developed with the exportation and importation of airline travelers.

“The mass evacuation of tourists from the Turkish resorts began on Thursday – home by the forces of “VIM airlines” and “Yamal” went 1 565 visitors. Today it is planned to take 1 912 people. In Turkey, waiting for my flight home in about 10.5 thousand people, and about the same got to fly for already paid tours. But in General, until 15 October should be removed about 28 thousand tourists,” – she said.

According to Tyurina, confirmed three flights from Antalya that will take more than a thousand people. Does the “VIM-Avia”. Evening flight to Antalya went to the airline “Yamal”. Discusses options for flights to Cyprus and from Italy (Rimini) tourists are transported on flights of Red Wings. It is also expected a decision on Greece and Tenerife.

As previously reported, to Saturday you should receive the exact schedule of pickup and delivery to the resorts of tourists with tickets “VIM-Avia”.

The situation with the flight “VIM-Avia” has escalated over the weekend. After a series of delays, which affected thousands of passengers, the airline on Monday confirmed that it has the resources to continue the work and stop Charter flights. Transporting passengers under the control of the Ministry of transport and the Federal air transport Agency has joined other airlines.

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