“Auchan will launch online sales of products in Russia

The network is already beginning to test online sales of groceries, beverages and confectionery products

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Retailer “Auchan” in the near future plans to launch in the Russian market of Internet sales of food products.

“The priority is to develop food direction, we start selling food over the Internet. It is a priority to “Auchan Retail”, and is a priority for Russia”, – told reporters the General Director of Auchan Retail International Wilhelm Hubner.

“Our task and strength is to be a specialist in the sale of food products, and Internet Commerce, of course, the food area should attend. We study now the conditions in which we can start selling food products via the Internet, it will require some time, but we’re working on it”, – said the President of “Auchan Russia Retail” Francois Remy.

Auchan already has begun testing online sales of groceries, beverages and confectionery products, and plans to launch online sales of fresh goods such as fish, meat, vegetables and fruit. The online store will work on the model of home delivery, and on the model order and pickup from the stores, but the priority for the first time will be delivery at home. The retailer will deploy the Internet sales from Moscow.

In the summer of 2014 Auchan began to test the Internet sales of non-food items (in Moscow, Kaluga and Novosibirsk), in the autumn of the same year Internet sales have scaled more than a hundred Russian cities. The assortment of the online store includes the products for garden and leisure, furniture, baby items, toys, books and stationery).

Previously, the retailer had planned to launch Russia’s own test format Auchan Drive. Platform Auchan Drive (in France) are separate stores with limited selection, where buyers take the goods (including food), ordered through the Internet.

First plans of the retailer display this format on the Russian market, said the representative of the family Mule (owner Auchan) in 2011. It was assumed that the first test site in Moscow will earn in 2012, but subsequently the launch of the project was postponed. In 2015, the company refused from this idea.

“Drive exists only in France. We tried it in Italy, in China this does not work, because customers go to the delivery service to your home or shipping to your store. And in order for this format to create the desired platform, and in Moscow it is expensive. And when we considered the future of the financial indices of the project, we are unable to get to profitability. I think that now we have no priority to develop a Drive,” he said Hubner.

This year online sales has launched a network of supermarkets “the Crossroads” (enters in X5 Retail Group), previously this service was offered “OK” and “Azbuka Vkusa”.

French retailer Auchan has been working on Russian market since 2002. According to the website of the company, in Russia there are 96 shops: 60 classic hypermarkets, 27 “urban” hypermarkets “Auchan city” and 9 hypermarkets “Our rainbow”. The company also develops a network of supermarkets and stores “at home”.

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