Canadian Urgant: copy was better

While on vacation in Canada, I watched TV. And seen canadian Urgant. And before that in America by an American Urgant. China — Chinese, Japan — Japanese, in India Indian. In Israel — Israeli, although Israeli Urgant actually a tautology. You want to ask: what’s the difference? Big difference: two worlds two Shapiro.

Photo: instagram@vecherniy_urgant

Who can compare with my Mathilde! For fans of Poklonskaya, who completely lack a sense of humor, make no mistake: it’s not about what/who you thought it was a figurative expression. I mean that our love is better than all of its American, canadian and Israeli masters. Because quicker, smarter, more intelligent and artistic. Yes, this is a case when the copy is better.

But the copy, we did not come up this evening format. We just successfully copied, we are great copywriters. You know, and our Yakubovich better than those in “Wheel of Fortune”, which was invented there in the Wild West; and Dibrov (when Dibrov was still a need Dibrov!) is “Millionaire”. The idea, the execution of domestic — sit and watch.

No, and the stars sometimes also imperfect. Moreover, as recently given by the candidate in presidents of the Russian Federation No. 1, he’s got fat cheeks. Although this is, in my opinion, pretty freaky flaw which is in principle treated. And he said the candidate in presidents of the Russian Federation No. 1 that Vanya “complete zero”. She probably trained on it, as on a cat, for a more serious debate (which now in Russia are called exclusively bottom) with more serious opponent. Besides Urgant has a habit of sometimes painful to hurt a competitor in the best feelings. It criticized the fact that the droppings can be not only the Nightingale, let him take above.

But he’s not answering, not calling things by their names. Only it’s a tradition of ours. As Zhvanetsky on the parallel channel that takes? No, also between the lines, little by little, “and that no one guessed…”. But everyone knows, so we are brought up.

We can’t think of (KVN and “What? Where? When?” is a happy exception), but I can see to take and adapt to our not-so-life-giving soil. Do with us, do as we, do better us! We are doing better. But we are secondary, it must be admitted.

And if we are so good at copying advanced TV brands, why we can’t build a normal country. Just go and copy one to one: the same courts, the same Parliament… Almost wrote “the same President”, but this is too much. We do not need the other presidents, we have a pretty!

In principle, we and copy, but somehow turns worse. On TV — better and life worse. You know why? Because people cannot be replaced, create from it something foreign. The people, he was a thousand years ago, and will remain so. Here goes: the TV we have the Western (better than Western!), and the people, he’s a spectator, God — bearing, screensets and a patriot to the bone. There he and the road.

We need a football!

Exactly 45 years ago it all began and ended. Canada — USSR, eight games, four there, four in Moscow. Actually we lost, but everyone thought I won.

A frame from the video

But does it matter?! This was a breakthrough, such seething passion, such skill! It was an unprecedented spectacle, indescribable. And helped us understand his Nikolai Ozerov.

Once in Toronto, I immediately ran into the hockey hall of fame. And there was looking for us. Found! Ovechkin, Datsyuk, Fedorov, Bure… And the whole stand dedicated to the super series-72: Tretiak, Kharlamov, Yakushev… I was in seventh heaven. And remember Ozerov.

It is images from childhood. Here he stands right behind rim (not in the commentary booth, no!) and shouts into the microphone: “Such hockey is not necessary!”. And still picky: “the Vaunted canadian pros!”. And more: “Bully Mackenzie!”. And again: “Mikhailov Petrov passes, the Vikulovo, throw… G-o-o-l!”. As he shouted this “g-o-o-l!”… And again, “Esposito throws… Tretiak beats beats… Again… Again”.

Ozerov was the best hockey commentator in the country. Because he is an artist who felt hockey as nobody else understand its essence. Always have time for this lightning-fast game, and often even “ran ahead of the engine”, if he scored, he parried goals. He owned the word, the Russian language perfectly.

Yes, he was ideological — because of the times. But he was a Master, who is always imposed the ideological schemes. Therefore, Kharlamov, Tretiak, Yakushev, Ragulin… and Ozerov, Nikolai Nikolaevich Ozerov. They are no longer divided.

Escape from the box

They have to leave to collect quickly a backpack, a bag and leave. Not to see them, to erase from memory.

Photo: facebook@Vladimir Solovyov

That’s what I did. I left them, my dear propagandists, and sped away over the ocean. I did not have them in my life nine days. And I was so good! Freely, easily, happily.

I remembered about them sometimes, very rarely. They seemed from my lovely far such small-small, absolutely insignificant. Puppets who pull the strings (Makarevich it is all sung).

One has only to broaden the horizon, break the distance, to go to his bed — and no more, the television propagandists. The world becomes limitless, easy, free, and beautiful, and all men are brothers.

They, the propagandists, just seems that they are omnipotent. What they expect and look like a jerk. They affect the minds running the country and the world. It’s like in the Soviet Union: the audience had nowhere to go from them, both Communists and non-party. The people saw the world only through the eyes of Sienkiewicz, therefore, believed at first. But then the Soviet propaganda turned into trash, absurdity, and above her only laughed.

The current promotion is the same. She has power over people, while they are tied to the box. After the box as the light in the window. No, Turkey is now flying (until the next conflict) or to Tunisia. But this is so, the branches of our country, there is also work of the Federal native channels. And to turn off the TV very difficult, almost impossible — to know yourself.

But I came in and turned on. “You come home — there you sit”. Yes, and they are now just another small, insignificant and pathetic, just grow to unprecedented size. And there is no escaping them!

You know, the country at us such, without promotion it is impossible. She basically rests on this TV noodles, because more than. That is, television”journalists” like buckles, like Atlanta, who hold the sky. Hold, of course, not free, but is this the case? It is their mission, how they think about themselves. As they were led to believe.

Sometimes even they say very intelligent, sensible things. But lie the most cringe. To get rid of them is almost impossible. They just and we should remember how it ended the USSR. When everyone laughed. Now somehow not to laugh.

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