“China ordered North Korea to the company for 120 days to turn the work in the country

The Ministry of Commerce of China has ordered North Korean companies and business with their capital within 120 days to curtail the activity in China in the framework of the sanctions imposed on 12 September the UN security Council.

In мире11 Sep 2017КНДР the United States promised “pain and suffering” in case of tougher sanctions Bonitati read more

Moreover will be closed Chinese enterprises with the participation of the North Korean capital, working outside China, reported Thursday on the Agency’s website.

Earlier the UN security Council unanimously approved a watered-down before the final vote a resolution on additional sanctions against North Korea, by entering a partial ban on the supply of petroleum products in the country. In addition, a ban on the supply to DPRK of liquefied natural gas and gas condensate. The document also provides for a complete ban on the export from North Korea of textile products.

The adoption of additional sanctions was a response to the sixth nuclear test conducted by Pyongyang.

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