Do not come close to cutting dummies: for quests has developed security standards

The safety standard recommended by the fair organizers quests and performances, developed by the national Association of participants of the quest industry.


As already wrote “MK”, the last years, the market of quests in the capital is developing so rapidly that is on the verge of saturation. Not all the organizers in good faith to their offspring — this led to the fact that customers began to complain of physical injuries and property damage that they faced when performing tasks. Therefore, the representatives of quest community has developed a document that reglamentary behavior as organizers of smart leisure and parties.

The framers prescribed in detail features of the modes of influence on the players. In noncontact mode, the employees-the actors are not allowed to approach players closer than 50 cm While using the game special means of intimidation — axes, chainsaws, and other things — is valid, however, these items must be fake. Contact mode of performance is divided into 4 stages from mild to maximum. If the light stage the use of physical force is unacceptable, then the maximum permissible use of force even in pain. However, the client is obliged not only to read detailed descriptions of each level on the website of the quest, but personally, to write a receipt in which regime he chooses. The application of the Taser is now possible only at the Express request of the player. At the same time to participate in contact quests are allowed only to those persons who have turned 18 years of age.

The staff and entertainment center take responsibility for the health check props before every game. Separately, the standard stipulates compliance with ergonomic requirements to the equipment and decorations. For example, in the field of active travel on the route should not be holes in the floor, uneven thresholds. A space where there is a risk of falling, it is recommended to upholster the foam mats, and exposed walls and untreated wood should be closed safe materials. In addition, the entire staff of the quest in case of injury the player must be able to provide first aid. And in the room there should be a first aid kit, equipped in accordance with the order of the health Ministry of Russia.

With the full version of the standard is available on the official website of SCIENCES.

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