“Durov said about the readiness to close the Telegram in Russia and Iran

– Founder of the messenger Telegram Pavel Durov, commenting on the requirements of the Russian and Iranian authorities declared readiness to cease business in those countries, which put pressure on the company.

“We are not concerned that in some countries we are under pressure because we protect users’ privacy. We are always ready to break both personal and business relations with such countries, depriving them of opportunities to put us under such pressure”, – wrote Durov in his Telegram channel.

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Russia’s Roskomnadzor has repeatedly called for the command Telegram and personally by the founder of the service to fulfill the requirements of the legislation and to provide information for inclusion in the register of the organizers of disseminating information. In case of refusal, the head of Roskomnadzor threatened to messenger lock. In Iran this week, prosecutors opened a criminal case against Durov. The reason was that, according to Iranian Prosecutor’s office, the Telegram was used to disseminate child pornography and extremist of information by the militants of the terrorist group “Islamic state” (banned in Russia) .

The persecution in Russia, and in Iran is not critical for business Telegram, as neither one of these countries company at the moment as the legal entity is not present, said Durov. According to him, the last link with Russia from this point of view, was interrupted in July, when the Telegram ceased to contract with the St. Petersburg company “the Telegraph”, providing protection to the messenger spam, ironically, with Russian and Iranian origin. The cause of the rupture of relations with the “Telegraph”, according to Durova, became voiced in June of this year, threats from the Russian regulators to block Telegram. After this “Telegraph” has changed the owner and dismissed its employees.

The Durov, according to him, are not afraid of the prospect of being persona non grata in Iran. A little more visible to the businessman possessing the passport of Federation of Saint Kitts and Nevis (part of the British Commonwealth), is the potential inability of the visit to Russia, where his parents live. “But it’s a small price relative to what’s at stake,” wrote Durov.

According to the founder of Telegram, the authorities of Iran and Russia, thus limiting the freedom of doing business, more harm the economies of their own countries. In recent years, Google, Oracle, and Microsoft shut down in Russia, the offices for development, their example was followed by many smaller companies, said in its statement.

At the same time from two countries, making a claim to Telegram, more promising from the point of view of the development of free Internet Durova seems to be Iran. “I’m not an expert on Iran, but one thing about this country is clear to me: despite the ongoing debate Iranian politicians about the regulation of the Internet, Iran is not blocking Telegram, and over the last few years 40 million Iranians had access to protected correspondence and source of independent information through Telegram channels. Also there are available Instagram and WhatsApp”, – said Durov.

“I hope one day Iran and Russia have reached the point at which we and other IT-companies will be able to open there offices. Up to this point, we will continue to ensure the protection of correspondence to users in those markets where respect for freedom,” said the founder of Telegram

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