For unauthorized construction sites will be punished with fines

To break the site only with the special permission of the government will be able developers in a short time. And for failure to comply with the new rules developers will have to wait for penalties.

photo: Natalia Muslinkina

The Ministry of construction has developed a package of amendments to the town planning code and administrative code. If the changes are approved, coordinate with auditors, developers will have not only the project of the future house, but also the whole preparatory stage of the construction. Underneath officials understand measures for the protection of workers and the building site itself. Essentially, this means that designers would have to foresee the size of the venue where it will be located cabins, sinks and medical center, where later will download and apply the mountains of sand, or rebar. Such a procedure is to be applied not only to construction of new facilities, but also on the reconstruction of the old. If the building project or global alterations subject to state expertise, and the project construction site and other preparatory work will also have to pay the experts. If the developer ignores the innovations and start to put together sheds for installers and tilers without permission, he will have to pay a fine. For citizens it will make from two to five thousand rubles, for officials of the company-Builder, from 20 to 50 thousand. The individual entrepreneur will have to fork out the same 20-50 thousand. However, as an alternative also provides for the suspension of activities for up to 90 days. Well, the company will be forced to say goodbye to the amount of 100-500 thousand rubles, or to stop work for three months.

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