“Forbes estimated the effects of the conflict with Tinkov Nemagia to its financial condition

Tinkov claims caused a 44-minute video posted on the channel Nemagia August 8, because of which he considered himself insulted

The founder of the “Tinkoff Bank” Oleg Thinkofit: Reuters

– Forbes drew attention to the changes in the financial health of the founder of the “Tinkoff Bank” Oleg Tinkov during his conflict with the authors YouTube channel Nemagia, Alexei Pskovians and Mikhail Pechersky.

The publication notes that the financial position of banker is much improved. So, if as of August 8, it was $1.6 billion, on September 26 – is already a $2 billion Increase in wealth during this period, the entrepreneur is obliged to increase the value of stock in his Bank. If the 8 August, they traded at $13,15 apiece, September 27 — to $17,1 per share, which is close to the price of the initial public offering in October 2013, writes Forbes.

Thus, from a financial point of view, the conflict with the bloggers can not talk about any losses for Tinkov.

Meanwhile, financial experts comment on the situation, noted that during this time rose shares not only “Tinkoff Bank”, but many other Russian banks. Experts note a growing interest in the Russian banking sector, which is associated both with an increase in oil prices, the actions of the Central Bank of the Russian Federation, which tries to prevent the worsening banking crisis.

In России26 Sep 2017Олег Tinkov has promised to withdraw all claims against NemagiaЧитать read more

They also note that the Bank Tinkoff more expensive with the end of 2015. On the background of good reports growing interest, Commission and trading income. Experts say the unprecedented industry growth margins and running in the background of the purchase. Another possible factor in the success of the Bank is a good growth of client base and loan portfolio.

“To sum up, the growth happens against the background of improving the quality of assets and liabilities, as well as client services, including online. In my opinion, the last factor plays an increasingly important role, TKS starts sometimes perceived as a proxy for innovative solutions in vintage, and it can buy just to stay “in the technology trend,” says investment Director of “Univer Capital” Dmitry Alexandrov.

The conflict of the banker with the help has caused the big public resonance and was widely reported in the press. According to the media analysis system “SCAN-Interfax”, in September Oleg Tinkov in the Russian media mentioned a 1916 times. In the context of the conflict with the bloggers from Nemagia – 989 times.

As previously reported, in early August Nemagia has published a video dedicated to Tinkoff. In it, they parodied the businessman and his wife, accused the banker that he does not pay staff salaries, as well as giving bribes and deceiving customers.

August 23, the Bank filed a lawsuit against the bloggers, and after another five days, August 28, Tinkoff filed a second lawsuit against the bloggers on the protection of honor, dignity and business reputation. The businessman demanded that the bloggers removed the “defamatory information” and paid 500 thousand rubles of moral compensation. However, the banker noted that it would be ready to refuse claims if bloggers apologize to him and his family. Later, the co-author of the blog Alex Esculetin became a suspect in the case, earlier it passed on business as the witness.

However, on 25 September Tinkov in an interview with YouTube blogger Amirana Sardarova on “Diary of a window,” promised to withdraw all claims and allegations to the police against the authors of the blog Nemagia even without an apology. “I promise you that on Tuesday (26 September – if), I will withdraw all lawsuits: that is, administrative, and criminal. There is already MIA as look: most likely, they will close the criminal case,” said Tinkov.

Later it became known that Tinkov and “Tinkoff Bank” indeed filed a disclaimer to all claims.

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