In Crimea, caught the Russians merging data Ukraine on black sea fleet

FSB filed a case of treason against the Russian soldier and his accomplice arrested in Simferopol. The suspects were gathering intelligence on the activities of the black sea fleet and handed them over to Ukrainian authorities.


The Federal security service has reported the capture of two spies in Simferopol. We are talking about citizens of Russia Suhonogovo Anna Stanislavovna and Dolgopolov Dmitry Alexandrovich.

The detainees were gathered strategic information on the activities of units and formations of the black sea fleet of Russia and passed it to the special services of Ukraine. It is clarified that the arrested man — a soldier, his unit stationed in the Crimea.

The case was initiated under article 275 of the Russian criminal code “high treason”. Sanction this article provides imprisonment for the term from 12 till 20 years.

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