“Mikhalkov has accused the makers of the film “Matilda” in the emergence of the scandal surrounding him

– Director Nikita Mikhalkov believes that the hype surrounding the film “Matilda” by Alexei Uchitel the fault of the filmmakers, who decided to place “a person canonized” in living conditions.

“Revenge movie is terrible. (…) Let’s see what happens with the “Matilda”. (…) In my opinion, can not be immersed in the living conditions of the person canonized as a Martyr, a Saint. You have to understand what to do. If you do, then to complain is not necessary”, – the Director said Thursday at the opening of the cinema club of the Academy of motion picture and performing arts Mikhalkov.

The film “Matilda” directed by Alexey Uchitel in Russia caused a wide resonance even before the release. He talks about the relationship of the heir to the throne, the future Emperor Nicholas II and the ballerina Matilda Kshesinskaya. Against the picture actively supports the Deputy of the state Duma Natalia Poklonskaya and her supporters.

September 12 United a network of “cinema Park” and “the cinema Formula” reported that will not show the movie “Matilda” due to threats to cinemas.

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