“Nikita Mikhalkov will apply for new movie via the cinema Fund

– Director Nikita Mikhalkov declared to “Interfax” that if you will work on a new movie, it intends to apply for funding through the cinema Fund.

“I’m a famous film Director, having a profession with higher education. In addition, the head of one of the most successful studios. Of course, we will (apply to the cinema Fund – if). Another question is how this will relate, but I don’t care,” said Mikhalkov, “Interfax” on Thursday.

He also expressed confidence that his exit from the Board of Trustees of the Fund there is no change and will “act the right of the phone, the Byzantine laws, and the main decisions taken by senior officials.”

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“This will continue as long as not fundamentally change the approach to this issue. In the film Fund should sit accountant who honestly distributes the money distributed to those paintings that are approved. The Fund shall not engage in the selection of films,” said N. Mikhalkov.

Earlier it was reported that the government has excluded filmmaker Mikhalkov of the Board of Trustees of Fund of cinema.

The Ministry of culture of the Russian Federation on September 18 sent the government an official letter about the release of Director Mikhalkov from the Board of Trustees of the organization.

The head of the Department of cinematography of the Ministry of culture Vyacheslav Telnov has informed “Interfax” that the Board of Trustees of the Foundation film after the official release of him Mikhalkov will remain unchanged.

On 23 August the head of the Union of cinematographers of Russia Nikita Mikhalkov has declared, that leaves the Board of Trustees due to ideological differences with his leadership. The Director explained that he made the decision after I saw the new composition of the Council of Fund of cinema.

On 8 September he sent to the Board of Trustees a statement of its withdrawal from its membership.

The new composition of the Fund, which, among others, included Prime Minister’s press Secretary Natalya Timakova, was announced in April 2017.

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