Raped the German woman in the eyes of her boyfriend “refugee” has accused the victim of prostitution

In Germany started the process in the high-profile rape case of a young German woman born in Ghana, and the abuse happened in front of a boyfriend of the victim. The attacker said that the victim supposedly to blame itself, so is “prostitute”.

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The attack happened back in April of this year. Armed with an axe a migrant broke into the tent in which slept the 26-year-old man and his 23-year-old girl. First a refugee, robbed them and then raped the girl, forcing her boyfriend to watch.

A few days later the rapist was identified by a bystander, informed saw the sketch of a criminal in the media. During the arrest, the migrant had a desperate resistance and attempted to beat the police to the stolen backpack. Visitor guilt proven by DNA examination.

At trial, the man was unable to cope with emotions and publicly called the girl a “prostitute,” and those who “helps her to lie” – “filthy pig,” reports Bild.

Then he began to tell about his life in Ghana, stressing that in their country a man may have as many women as you want, provided that we can keep.

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