Sexologist: Hefner liberated the Russian men and women did “computer widows”

“With the departure of Hugh Hefner the whole epoch is gone. He helped the Russian men to be liberated,” says well-known Russian sexologist, doctor of medical Sciences Vladimir Taktarov.

Recall that the founder of Playboy magazine Hugh Hefner died 27 September 2017 92 year old. The last five years of his life he was married to model crystal Harris, who was younger than his 60 years.


– Of course, at one time the appearance of this magazine made a revolution, – says Vladimir Germanovich Taktarov. He appeared long before the Internet age. It now logs die naturally, and erotica and pornography are gradually moving to the Internet. And then “Playboy” was a symbol of the sexual revolution, and its flag. In our country, naturally, he was banned, that only fueled interest in him. There was even an article “the pornography”. By the way, this article is tacit is no longer working, but present in the Criminal Code so far… And then for this magazine caught and imprisoned. And then gradually he became the symbol of perestroika…

– How necessary are the magazines men?

– For men videoschinese – leading when excited. This women enough imagination and voices, and men love with their eyes. Sometimes, however, reading this magazine led to unpleasant results. The sexologists, there is an interesting term – “presentation of excessive demands”. Looking at photography (and photoshop was even then) the men began to present high requirements to the friends that sometimes ended with breakups and divorce.

– Can the Playboy be called pornographic magazine?

In the time I have expertise on this topic. No, Playboy is not pornography, but it is more an erotic magazine. It’s not quite sexual, but rather a cultural ideology. In General, porn is vulgar image of a sexual act or display of the genital organs. But among different peoples and at different times, ideas about taboo images vary. For example, the Japanese considered the erotic exposure of the neck. The Muslim woman without hijab stones cast aside. But animals have no such taboo. For example, baboons show sexual intercourse, and males watching. Males, as I said, we need videoshemale. Therefore, the “Playboy” was focused primarily on men.

I read that Hugh Hefner had more than a thousand women. Is it real?

– Comment not taken. But you can say anything you want. As in that joke: “I’m 82 years old can only twice a month, and the neighbor says every day” – “and you also say that”. The number of women depends on the specific nature and sexual Constitution. But, judging by the fact that Hefner were engaged in them, see, a lover was.

Could the loving Hefner affect its lifespan?

– From sexuality lifespan depends little. It is believed that sex prolongs life, but I say: who lives longer, the longer sex. In a lifetime genetics plays a big role. And, of course, the atmosphere could play a role, Hefner was always surrounded by the first beauty. This stimulated. Maybe that’s why he lived a long life. By the way, it is possible that he just watched, contemplated and enjoyed. Now there is a new term “computer widow”. Husband locked in the room with the computer, mastrubirovat, and to his wife did not fit. Men become addicted to pornography. And the wives, of course, suffer. For Hefner, probably, also was the main to look, not touch. And the magazine is just business. Just grandmother did, and even pleasure from this received.

With the death of the publisher died, a whole era. Magazine many insecure helped to arrange a personal life — women looked, mastrubirovat, get rid of complexes. A neurosis according to Freud is the result of califronia sexual themes, and “Playboy”, the taboo was removed, the men were liberated, contributed to the emancipation of sexual awareness in society. But for women there was still, rather harmful: they’ll see a lot of photoshop and the silicone, and starting to get a complex… And men such publications, of course, useful.

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