“The ban of Uber in London has caused sharp growth of demand for the services of a competitor

– The decision of the mayor of London not to renew the license for Uber to work in the British capital caused a significant increase in demand for the services of a competing application for call taxi. Two days after the announcement of the imminent banning the activities of Uber increased dramatically download mobile applications from companies such as Addison Lee, Gettaxi, and MyTaxi, according to data from analyst firm App Annie.

However, while Uber is the main supplier of cheap taxi’s in London, said the BBC.

According to App Annie, downloads of applications, Addison Lee, Gettaxi, and MyTaxi for the week increased by 159%. MyTaxi said that last week the beneficiaries have more new customers than in the previous few years. Addison Lee reported an increase of downloads by 180% over the weekend compared to the previous week.

Transport for London (TfL) refused to renew the term of the license Uber, which expires on September 30. The company has already announced that it intends to appeal the decision. Before the end of the appeals process, the company can continue to provide their services in London.

Administered by the London city hall, TfL says that Uber’s approach and his actions demonstrate a lack of responsibility in respect of a number of issues affecting public safety. The city authorities are concerned that Uber uses a software system Greyball that collects personal data of the clients and analyzes them. This spring, Uber announced a complete ban Greyball. In addition, TfL is concerned about Uber’s approach to reports of serious crimes to a mandatory procedure of checking drivers and to drivers of medical certificates.

With Uber in London has partnered about 40 thousand drivers. According to the company, in the British capital it is also used by 3.5 million people, committing more than 1 million trips every week. Some of London’s competitors, Uber has decided to use the difficulties of the company, and began to offer customers large discounts, despite the fact that Uber is still operating in London.

“This shows that the solution TfL has led to the fact that customers are now aware of the existence of alternatives to Uber, says Joseph Evans of the consulting company Enders Analysis. – Nevertheless, the market for taxi apps, Uber in the UK remains huge, 400-pound gorilla.”

Uber is an international technology company that develops mobile services on call car with a personal driver. The company provides services in more than 600 cities in 77 countries, including in 16 localities of Russia.

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