The tragedy of the victims from Capcom: “the relatives of the bandits laughed in our faces”

Seven years later, relatives of those killed by the gang Hoe, it seems, will finally be able to obtain compensation for moral and material damage. September 26 to October district court of Krasnodar issued a decision on collecting from the accounts of the mother of the leader of the gang, Hope Tsapok 120 million rubles. It is expected that the money will be recovered from the inheritance of Sergei Hoe – from accounts of his wife Angela Maria Tsapok.

About the decision we talked with the Director of the “center of justice” Armen Voskanyan, which represents the interests of victims and Svetlana Sribney, which “Hoe” in the house of farmer ametova November 4, 2010 killed daughter Natalia and 14-year-old grandson.

photo: Natalia Gubernatorova

300 million rubles. That is the amount originally requested to recover the victims. In favor of the relatives of those killed, arrested the Bank accounts of Hope Tsapok, by court order, will be charged a portion of this amount of 120 million rubles. The banks will be sent a court order for the immediate payment of compensation. (For fraud with the land and grants the Hope of Tsapok has been handed down three judgments. In July 2016, the kuschevskiy district court sentenced her for fraud to 7, 5 years of a colony of General regime and fined 500 thousand rubles. Sergey Tsapok July 7, 2014, the died in a detention center in Krasnodar as a result of the stroke and congestive heart failure. The body was cremated in Volgograd, where the remains — and has remained unknown).

But the lawyer Armen Voskanyan told “MK” that the relatives of those killed may have problems with receiving money. In the accounts of Hope Tsapok no stated amount. The missing funds lawyers expect to collect from other family members, in particular, from the accounts of the wife of the leader of the gang.

– Still early in the investigation, Angela Maria Tsapok said that I never was married to Sergei Hoe and a long time does not live with him.

– What’s the difference, because children were common, at one time they lived together. So, there is every reason to charge her money to benefit victims. Investigators in its rulings indicate that the money is likely proceeds of crime. They belong Capku, Angela — Maria at the time was a housewife. It is two squared, I think, does not know how many, where did she suddenly on the account there is $ 6 million? Their origin it can not explain. In addition to the money that was arrested by the Krasnodar court in 2010 in the framework of the criminal case of a gang Tsapkov, there are still homeownership, in particular, house in Rostov-on-don and Porsche Panamera. This is something that investigators found. I think there is still property and outside the country.

– How long will it take to have victims received compensation?

– The procedure will be long, I think it will take a few months. Wife Hoe and his father rested fighting in the courts over the seized property and money. Do everything possible so they are not given to relatives of the dead. Here the father of the gang leader, Victor Tsapok went to the Blues, what they are poor and miserable.

We, in turn, could have contacted one of the victims, Svetlana Sribnoi. “Hoe” in the house of farmer ametova and killed 12 people. Svetlana November 4, 2010 lost a daughter and a grandson. Commenting on the court decision, she said:

– Relatives of Tsapok will still be to appeal. Frankly, we do not what do not hope, do not believe. Seven years have passed. We from — for experiences lost health, we have decreased vision, three times I lay with a breakdown in the hospital, husband had surgery. Why wife Hoe needs to enjoy life, to spend their blood money, and we every day to wash the tears? Her the $ 6 million transferred from the account of Sergei Hoe during the trial. So to COP out, to prove that she has earned them herself, it is useless.

Since a terrible crime was 7 years old. You paid some money as compensation?

– Have received only 9 thousand. Sixty thousand roubles were on account Bykov. (member of the Hoe gang, was sentenced to 20 years in prison. – Ed.) For all victims split them apart. We take it as a mockery. But relatives of the executioners go Kuschevka, laughing in the face of, say, mocking: “nothing else will get”.

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