“Two former SS men suspected of involvement in the tragedy in Babi Yar

German media spread information about the discovery of two men, probably related to the crimes of the Nazis during the Second world war, transfers on Thursday Agency AP.

We are talking about 94-year-old Kurt Goedeke and 95-year-old Herbert Valere. Both suspects had previously acknowledged that their names appeared in the lists of the SS, however, deny direct involvement in the execution of war crimes.

International organization for the search for Nazi war criminals – Simon Wiesenthal Center – passed Godeke and Valere the German authorities in 2014.

The German TV channel ARD said that men suspected of being linked to the most inhumane crimes during the Third Reich. In particular, we are talking about Babi Yar, where in 1941 were killed and tens of thousands of innocent children, women and men.

In accordance with recent judicial precedent, marks AR, a criminal case can be filed against the suspects even if they provided indirect assistance to the Nazis.

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