“Willingly handed the cuffs”: the beating of a student by a teacher was caught on video

Not had time to subside scandal around St. Petersburg teacher who wrote on my forehead with a ballpoint pen from a second grader the word “fool”, as happened in new incident. September 27, the mathematics teacher in the village school Iste Starozhilovo region Ryazan region on the lesson beat the seventh-grader — first on the head with a textbook, and then the hands. The massacre of students took a cell phone and posted on the web. Now on this fact the investigating authorities carry out an inspection, after which procedural decision will be made. The circumstances of the incident finds out the Ministry of education of the region.

To comment on the incident, we asked the national teacher of Russia, member of the Public chamber Commission on education development, Director of the Moscow school number 548 Efim Lazarevich Raevskogo.

The record shows that the teacher first shout pounding on the Desk, and then begins to beat the student textbook on your head. Teen tries to cover his head with his hands, starts to be indignant: “are You hitting me? Generally already ohreneli”. After that, the teacher begins to thrash seventh graders have hands.

As told “MK” Istankoy students in rural schools, teacher of mathematics has worked in the school for only a year and not just on the lessons of the cry of frustrated, willingly handed the cuffs, and high school students could frivolous to knock the textbook on the soft spot. Discipline in the classroom math teacher was limping. Children admit that sometimes intends it provoked, caused a conflict. And then with curiosity and laughter were seen as “easy” teacher.

The beating incident, which thanks to the movie, became public knowledge, occurred on the fourth lesson. The student is loud, the whole class asked how much time is left before the bell. This enraged the teacher. Teenager, how to tell classmates problem, for poor performance were in the second year, was transferred to home schooling and this year has appeared again in class.

– In the Soviet time you knew that crashed the planes? – I asked in turn, people’s teacher of Russia Yefim Lazarevic Rachevsky. – Such information is not covered, she did not let go. Also with incidents in the classroom. And fools have always been, and incompetent teachers were also always. In Russia, half a million teachers, and this happens despite the fact that all teachers pass medical examinations, and mental health professionals. You just have to dismiss such teachers from school and all, without the right to engage in educational activities. And the fact that the press gives this public, very well.

– How should the teacher act in a situation like the one that happened in Ryazan rural school?

– By law, in accordance with the Charter. This is a gross violation of internal regulations, for that child can be put on the account in police, and this label will follow him all his life. If, say, he wants to be an officer and his path to military schools will be ordered. They need to know about this. Parents also have to bear for it administrative responsibility. In General, we must first understand that a child experiences. In my practice there was such case. Sixth grader very badly behaved in the classroom. Psychologist, intelligent woman, offered to show his neurologist. The specialist looked at him and said, “Let’s show child endocrinologist”. He looked up and found the boy had an inflammation of the adrenal glands. It will fly of the month and a half, the adrenal glands come back to normal. Now he is candidate of physical and mathematical Sciences.

There is such a thing as a “professional standard of the teacher”, we must be able to work with all sorts of children, do not know how, go do something else.

In turn, it became known that the mathematics teacher Istankoy school, after the appearance in the Internet scandalous video, wrote a letter of resignation.


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