Artist Misha Most who created the drone: “Trying to squeeze out of the art to the max”

Superlatives are the name of the artist Misha Most (English “the”) is not far-fetched. Among my generation (36 years), he stands out: gust, aesthetics, ideas… His projects are about the future and global breakthroughs fall, for example, in the record books. The largest mural in the world, he presented three months ago. And today he has invented and collected the first on the planet vosmitonny the drone in his sketches, painted the walls of the spray. Meet Misha Most is the pride of our modern art.

photo: From personal archive
A panel on the “Winery” was created vosmitonny a drone.

20 years ago it begins as a street writer, but quickly outgrows this direction formally and ideologically. Becomes a full-fledged artist, having been performed at international exhibitions, biennials… When 10 years ago to start a “WINERY”, Mike then arranges graffiti festival. Then got here a workshop where one is not satisfied with the impact project. In fact, and where the current — “Evolution 2.1” operating a drone is not as present in your home?

It takes place on the “WINERY” — as the story of the jubilee cycle “Farewell to eternal youth”. Despite the naive, the title, the project is serious: it represents a new generation of artists who turn to predict the future. Passport many of them are still young, early 30s, and in fact — has long declared itself on the international level, winning the status of “iconic”.

The so-called “the White Shop”. From the doorway in the hall of the second floor is stunning Grand panel (28 m). It is a futuristic expanse: pink robots, the human brain with blue streaks, light green circuit structure of the atom, the purple DNA helix, the molecule yellow, translucent scientists… the Clarity is phenomenal. This is the handiwork of oktokopter (drone), then there’s Misha, who invented it and brought to reality with the help of engineers from TsuruRobotics and programmers from Interactive Lab.

In our eyes, they start the machine, consisting of eight propellers and two cans of spray paint, equipped with actuaron (system pressure). This allows for one flight to put lines of different thickness and different colors. The computer set the trajectory in a special program called “ground Control”, which scored a sketch of Misha. The drone ascends, flies to the panel and clearly inside the contour spray spray. Draws automatically, as is spectrogram, which transmits the coordinates when you click on the cap (the atomizer), and when to fly to another element. At this time, the machine control using the joystick, and on the other computer to monitor its behavior.

She responds to air currents and touch sensors – explains the engineer. – If there are problems, for example, the drone will leave the given path and start to vandalize, that is to perform somersaults (flips), it will have to be put in manual mode.

This happens during testing when you create seven trial works ММ01-ММ07. From abstract paintings they transformirovalsya in the subject of history. This evolution of training drone — the result of consistent training in the depiction of individual elements. They on massive structures made of metal profiles.

Past them on the Board sweeps the hero himself.

– Misha, you and the city get around?

– No, mostly by subway and taxi, since it is cheaper.

– You’re in the subway left artistic traces. Did not catch?

– It was the case. For a long time. In the subway, fortunately, did not catch…

– When you were crossing the street in enclosed space, do not have the feeling that you cal?

– If moving into a new space must accept its rules. They are not the same as the graffiti on the street. It is important to understand the difference between this. Graffiti is basically a street team sport. Not a gallery painting. Although there are isolated examples of co-authorship. From a good — Warhol and Basquiat, Vinogradov and Dubossarsky… Graffiti is a common cause.

photo: From personal archive
Mike completes Most of the largest mural painting in the world — the plant in Vyksa.

– Doesn’t hurt that your personality it is sprayed?

Here, team spirit. He charges into action. You’re not going to play one, and on the street. Even more it is comparable to the performance at the Olympic games where you’re on the team represent the country. In street art, unlike graffiti, the focus is on singleness, like Banksy.

– What, in your opinion, the phenomenon of its popularity?

In language everyone can understand. It carries cartoons in the back pages of Newspapers on the street. Queen in ridiculous garb. A policeman urinating on the wall. Nothing complicated to understand the simple passerby.

– Is that bad?

– No, Banksy has expanded the boundaries of street art, moving it from a part of the subculture on the open area. However, he makes fun of social phenomena.

– And what are your goals?

From plastic to ideological. Eternal questions sometimes affect: life, death, love… this particular series concerned with the future. It depicts simple elements, as we did for the drone. My handmade painting would be more difficult. The set of these elements represents the relationship of man with science, technology, and progress in General. Of course, do not idealize it. That robots are taking over our jobs – the positive as much as negative. But I do not give estimates only represent future.

– How did the idea to make the drone?

– This idea was in the air. I only first realized it at this level.

– Now everyone can repeat it?

– Please. All this goes.

– What is the role of the Creator?

– While it is up to me. Drone — my assistant. Now I have told him what to do. But the next project will load its base elements in the program of artificial intelligence, and he is on the algorithm will create a composition. A drone’ll do it.

Is a dangerous game.

– Recently the founder of Facebook mark Zuckerberg said that Elon Musk (founder of SpaceX and Tesla), only scares us that soon artificial intelligence will consume humanity. A week later, they generated bots create in the social network a strange language and transmit it… Yes, laziness — the engine of progress. But if the person is much relax completely lose control over the situation. The same thing happens with the loss of knowledge. Many do not strain: I believe that everything can be found on the Internet for five seconds. Why should be able to take it if you have a calculator. Since this all started. Before people brain coached, taught poetry, and now increasingly rely on computer…

– Not all.

– I’m talking about the trend. Cool creators of artificial intelligence. They are mad researchers who want the most out of science. As I come from art. They create a fake person that he was like this was his copy. But why? At some point, I hope, come up with a law banning Android or robot to be identical to the human form. This aesthetic and ethical issues.

– What is the role of the artist in this situation?

– To show familiar things from a different angle. Prepare the audience, to give it new information. This applies to all types of art.

– What is happening with street art?

Approximately in the 2000s, he began to emerge as a separate area. Today it is becoming more complex, comprehensive area with this a lot of subtleties. Despite the apparent freedom this is a very constricted art. It clenched stylistically, physically, and partially financially.

photo: From personal archive
Misha Most.

– You are against the commercialization of art?

– I would not want to draw a stencil on the street, then to redraw it on canvas and hang in the gallery. It is already corruption. When Banksy takes a canvas and something to it paints on is his work, but he’s not connected to the street. You either draw free for all, or paint on the street for their PR commercial projects. It’s the subtle things. Some people can not see the difference stencil and the stencil, and what? And street art in General has emerged from the stencils, logos, posters. Here you drew on the street and promoted thus its name – it’s not part of the commercial history. And then sell these street drawings. One work to do, another to drag the street into the gallery space. I think it’s wrong. On this show I don’t sell the street. Tried to the words “graffiti”, “street” minimally attended. People still think when a pattern is created by spray – we graffiti. It is so ancient stereotypes that have to grind to get them to leave.

– As an inexperienced viewer to understand in your world?

– It all started with graffiti. Fonts, names, letters… It’s all new York in the 1970s. Then came the street art – it is symbols, pictures, message. Both streams was illegal. For the street-art showed increased attention, which led to its legalization. He’s a nice people, beautiful little thing, why not. And graffiti tends to be vandalism. These genres merge into each other, between them there is no clear boundary. Street art then flows into moralism – painting large facades, monumental painting. It is a legal, because it is on the city’s money. With graffiti the city is struggling, paints, and here — direct support, including financial. It’s not the same. Different image, motivation, promise…

– Touches you when it’s confused?

– Frustrating when come to the fact that my work in Vyksa (almost 10 thousand square meters, which secured her getting into the book of records of Russia, Europe, was on Guinness. – “MK”) is called graffiti, because it is “spray painted”. Based on this logic, all drawn with a brush — painting. Although everything else: size, quality, promise…There you run illegally blackened the walls, write your name, distribute it… And then — do the work legally with the additional equipment and budget.

Internal contradictions arise?

– I like the artist stopped painting on the street. Although many no longer do this, because I think graffiti kid activity. And this is a big energy. On the way to “the Brewery” is my illegal graffiti.

The sudden need to throw away excess energy?

Is a sport and maximum freedom of creativity. I did not ask. Went and did. When street artists become designers in order, do decorative facades…

For this government, particularly the Ministry of culture, came from. But many of these things, especially the Patriotic-historical, smells of hypocrisy.

And in London, too, the Ministry of culture is involved? Or in America?

In London the Ministry of culture does not intervene. It generally there is not heard, not seen, as in all civilized countries.

– There is one of the facades, which the city did. I think that none of this conspiracy theory weaves. We are not in the Ministry of culture. There were many private projects with a bold abstract paintings, almost complete creative freedom – I was surprised that they were on the walls appeared. Here the historic theme is different, it’s not street art, and interview with a state order.

photo: From personal archive
Vosmitonny drone.

They, too, can take a talented author?

– We have a lot of talented contractors who, during the festivals “Most” and “Best city in the world” 300-400 walls painted. Of course, the city paid money for it, they went to artists, curators. This is normal. Instead, before the banners were printed, but they are now banned here and paint the facades.

– How do you define the artistic value of street art?

Same as in painting: colors, combination, composition, meaningful message…

– How much are you willing to adjust its operations to the customer?

– Much can not change, otherwise my audience will pass. Ideally, the style of the artist must be recognizable. But every time we have to make some kind of breakthrough in art – externally and internally. Every time you open something new. Anyone looking plastic, some themes…

– What are you investigating?

– Try both. I do painting. I approached it differently, inventing a new tool. Doing something seemingly classic, but different. Birth of a new plastic, a new approach. This is a breakthrough in my personal art, and in the world, because such work no one else ever has.

– See, girls are doing selfie in the background of your work. What do you feel?

– Probably, this fashion will soon pass. How to interact with my art — for me not important. When the street work leave, I don’t know, what would happen to her. Maybe someone could throw a stone, the other will paint. She has her own life — without me.

– It comes easy?

– Canvas — no street works, Yes. Although unpleasant, if they sketch their own, and not the authorities.

– Whom do you represent in your work?

– Not yourself — country. There is no such thing as an international artist, though I in many countries have been doing shows. It is always important where you grew up, where he studied. It’s your context that characterizes your work. Wherever I arrived, saying that from Russia. People once there is the context of my art. And if not there, then through my work with them, I hope, a desire to learn our art. Moreover, its history is rich, especially of the twentieth century. There are countries which are shot in contemporary art stronger than we, although in the twentieth century they have, in fact, was the only socialist realism. For Example, China. We had everything, but this is still underestimated.

– Who is to blame?

We, of course. Few are holding exhibitions abroad, infrequently submitted. Someone restricts themselves within believing that his art is only the local context. My art, for example, international. If foreigners are constantly seen us at exhibitions, biennials, auctions, they would be more understood us and showed interest in us. As the Chinese rose? They are millions have started to invest on auctions to their own work. Prices exploded, many have noticed and also began to buy.

– Only curator of the Moscow Biennale, YUKO Hasegawa told me that the problem with our artists is that they do not go to the foreign curators who are able to assess and give advice from a different angle. You need to be the curator wanted to work with you?

International curators are taken for the artist, if known. If you have already worked with a gallery, sell work, if the major collectors are. Sometimes even the essence of the works is less important than the PR around them. Like the thing, but you swing a little. Bring your show and tell you about nothing. The Western audience is used to their local context to learn something new, they need to bind. We in Russia are very open: who would we have brought all go and look. At the level of viewing and in the West, this same scheme operates and at the level of attachment — no. We buy foreigners, but mostly when they have studied the specific character of the artist. Talking in broad strokes, but it is a trend.

– And how you managed to get to the exhibition at London gallery Lazarides? Not talking about your other international projects…

– This is the rare case when the dealer on the phone came to see my work in Moscow. They liked him, and he decided to show them in London, since that time was the demand for Russian art among our immigrants. But then came the events in Ukraine, the plane crashed. Headlines in the British press went: “Putin shot down the Dutch children.” Political propaganda in the UK is working powerfully. Gallery owner accusingly said, “You here every day in the news.” He even had a Banksy exhibition in Moscow to cancel. Well nobody announced that we made the discovery, in particular, medicine has opened a new, but about culture, much less write. It is difficult in parallel with this to build a positive image of our contemporary art. Although the painting is very even perceive the period of the revolution. This proves the excitement around our recent exhibition about it at the London Academy of arts.

– Today, in your opinion, can create a revolution in art?

– It is difficult. The art is mostly commercialized. Although I’m trying. Is it drone – not a revolution?! I want it to be in the West learned. Videos and texts in English writing — will shop to foreign media. In the Guinness book of records, we also ourselves the application was filed. With her troubled history. They have a section on moralism, but everything is tricky: supposedly, you can only work spray. When we were talking about my job, began a long correspondence. I broke down and asked why they moralism clamped in the frame of spray, spray? I’ve worked with brushes, rollers, spray… As an artist you can limit the budget? Cobra worked with airbrush, Siqueiros – tassels. It is not important: the paint on the wall —painting. The Mace is a tool. The same paint. In General, today the artist cannot deal only with creativity.

– The waste itself is not happening in those moments?

Is how to make a canvas and draw it on the shitty subframe, which is in six months to drive, will crack the wood and it all falls apart. If you create a work, that every seemingly little thing needs to be worked through. This rule is for all kinds of art.

– You have broad interests in culture?

– I’m open to anything. Try to watch and read to form an opinion. I have no preferences, just go type in “Gogol-center” and watch only the TV channel “Rain”. People should not drive themselves into the framework. It is important for me to take in other art forms, other artists. It is necessary to monitor all, not to be repeated, not to fail in the past.

– Back to Banksy. He flirts with the socio-political context. Don’t you think that including why he’s firmly entrenched in the mass consciousness? Pavlensky too. What do you think?

– Banksy more about social programs. And political art, short life span, because it is trying to promote here and now. After a year of changing the agenda, and it is not interesting. I have another way of art. Can talk about social things, political, but try to get in the first place, it was art. Art should be above immediacy.

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