Colonisation of Mars threatened by the sex, said the astronaut from Britain

Future explorers of Mars in outer space face a lot of threats — harmful cosmic radiation, years in microgravity and much more. However, according to the American astronaut Helen Sharman, one of the potential pitfalls being overlooked. We are talking about the probability that between crew members of different sex there sex drive and they do not desist from the desire to have sex.


According to Sharman, a number of scientific studies confirms her fears, however, the relevant scientific work was never published. According to the astronaut, during the experiments it was shown that within the “heterosexual” crew for a long time in isolation with very high probability occur hazing up to sexual intimacy. While Sharman emphasized that the possible consequences of sex in space for humans at the moment, practically not studied.

Thus, Sharman urged that crews of future Mars expeditions consisted entirely of men or entirely of women. However, she believes that the second option is preferable: according to statistics, which the astronaut has, in a purely female crew rarely there are internal conflicts.

Earlier, the representative of the American University Anderson John Milis, as well as a number of experts representing the American space Agency NASA, have suggested that sex in space can represents not such a good idea, as it could seem some people with a rich imagination. First, it is unlikely to bring pleasure in weightlessness, each movement forcing partners to scatter in different directions, which makes it difficult for even a regular kiss. Moreover, due to the lack of gravity attempts to have sex can provoke motion sickness. Finally, it will not add situation, in romance and the “cloud sweat” that accumulates between the pair and flying around them. With even more threats could be related to attempts to conceive a child in space for the embryo of cosmic radiation is more dangerous than for an adult, but in weightlessness it with very high probability would have occurred with hard-to-predict anomalies.

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