In Kirov have decided to sell the Holy air: after the Liturgy more expensive

The Kirov businessman Alexander Shustov has declared the sale of “Holy the air”: he “can” it in banks in the village of Velikoretskoye, where every year takes place the famous procession.

photo: Gennady Cherkasov

About “startup village” he Shustov said “Vkontakte”: according to him, the air will be supplied in glass jars closed with plastic caps.

“0,5 l – 500 rubles – gave Shustov prices for their products, for liter – 1 thousand roubles, two-liter – 2 thousand rubles for liter – 3 thousand roubles”.

Thus, according to Shustov, the air after the prayer service or Liturgy is a charge in the amount of 25%, and the air after the visit of the Metropolitan to 50%.

The owner said the TV channel “Rain” that the bulk of the orders comes on the air after prayer and Liturgy. Very great excitement is on the air after the services.”

Note, however, that in other entries on the page Shustov appears atheist and enemy of the ROC.

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