In the Moscow Provincial theatre put “Fandorin adventures”

At the entrance to the Provincial theatre is a sweet girl with a basket of icons depicting the toothy whale, meets the audience with the words: “Welcome aboard our ship.” Each viewer relies on the same kit in his hands. The stamp on the ticket indicates receiving. Gold kit – emblem of the ship “Leviathan”, where we all soon will be. Each passenger first class historical detective of Boris Akunin about Erast Fandorin received it along with the ticket.

Photo: Ksenia Ugolnikova.

For the first time in the theater, led by Sergey Bezrukov, set detective. Leviathan Akunin – the third book in the series of historical detective about Erast Fandorin, a hugely popular product. Someday researchers will figure it out its crazy demand. Put “adventures of Fandorin” Tatiana Vdovichenko, and artistic Director of the play is Sergei Bezrukov, responsible for repertoire policy of the theatre.

Why the Provincial theatre needed “Fandorin”? Sergey Bezrukov explains: “In the playbill of every theatre along with complex performances that make the viewer “work”, think about affected in the formulation of the problem, must be the performances – the holiday where you can relax. It is important, of course, that it was a good literary or dramatic material”.

“Leviathan”, now known to everyone thanks to the film by Andrei Zvyagintsev, a terrible animal of the old Testament from the book of job, and explain to the audience during the play. In the novel Akunin this terrible beast has migrated into the form of a title of the world’s largest ship. On Board and sail the characters, and among them is a young man Erast Petrovich Fandorin. He follows to the place of service in Japan, where directed, as Secretary of the Embassy of the Russian Empire. On Board the unfolding of the detective story that unravels in the image and likeness of “Midsomer murders” – in the same room, signed a few heroes and the alleged offender, will be calculated. In Paris, murdered the Lord Littleby. In his hand was found the icon, about the same that they gave us at the entrance, in the form of a Golden whale. It is likely that he was frustrated with the murderers of the unfortunate Lord. So the killer may be on Board the “Leviathan”. And start dueling dialogues, tournament on rhetoric.

Photo: Ksenia Ugolnikova.

Alexander Sokolovsky in the role of Fandorin, the audience instantly recognize, since he starred in many TV shows – from “Split” to “Youth” and “Sklifosofsky”. The role of the Paris detective Gustave gosh – colorful actor Leonid Gromov with the Lenkom’s biography on his shoulders. “Fandorin” it appetizing designs classic image of a middle-aged detective, little resembling representatives of their profession. His hero – a native of the detectives of Georges Simenon and Agatha Christie. The adventurer, and at first, sensitive young lady expecting a baby, Renata Kleber exalted played by Anna Snatkina. In the role of a Japanese man Gintaro Aono is a fine young actor he Nigmanov, with experience in various theatres — from “Roman” to “Electro”.

Scenography Irina Zaitseva deliberately naive and unsophisticated. But all made the spirit of Akunin, and the audience infodate its charm in a certain Patriarchal character of the play different from the aggressive avant-garde performances.

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