Lenin officially called a “dear friend” Inessy Armand

Approaching memorable in Russian history date – 100 years of the October socialist revolution. To the century anniversary of an exhibition devoted to Vladimir Ilyich Lenin. Some unique documents that belonged to the Soviet leader, presented for the first time in the State archive of the Russian Federation. All history buffs will read the original the only extant letters to Inessa Armand, who was the alleged lover of the leader of the world proletariat.

photo: Eugene Ruchkin
Coat Of Lenin.

About the life and work of a man who led a socialist revolution, Vladimir Lenin can be found on the exhibition opened in the State archive of the Russian Federation. Exposure and her character appreciated by the rector of MGIMO Anatoly Torkunov, and the Deputy of the state Duma Vladimir Zhirinovsky. They expressed their attitude to the complex personality of a revolutionary who changed the course of history.

Along the red walls of the exhibition hall hung a variety of testimonies, telling of the fate of Vladimir Lenin from his first political success until the last days. You can see the office of the first head of the Soviet Union, modest, no-frills, to hear the voice of the Soviet leader, to watch the newsreel. Of particular interest to the first visitors of the exhibition, among them many tourists from Germany and China, has caused the original letter Inessy Armand, exhibited for the first time where she made no secret of his reverent attitude to Vladimir Ilyich.

– Armand wrote: “dear, Dear friend.” Over the years, the full collected works of the word “cute” is mentioned only once, therefore it is possible that the publishers were trying to hide information about the relationship between Lenin and Armand, tells about the details of the message chief specialist RGASPI Natalia Kirillova.

The rest of the correspondence is available electronically on the touch screen, standing in the hall. Most of the letters were lost in different years, however, have photocopies.

His views on the revolution and its leader was shared by the rector of MGIMO Anatoly Torkunov.

– We still know very little about the history of the revolution and its leaders. The exhibition opens up new facets of the biography of Lenin. He was a fanatical revolutionary, besides, his entire life was accompanied by the trauma of her brother’s death. We must not forget that he was a real person, with emotions and suffering. And at the exhibition of his personal life are also presented.

The curtain has been Vladimir Zhirinovsky.

It is very important to open the archives, said the leader of the liberal democratic party, so we better know the story. And it will be closer to us. Here is the first picture book we’ve never seen her, – said the politician, pointing to a yellowed picture. – Need to know and accept his past, whatever it was.

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