Manager of AFK “System” was a member of the “Russian mafia” in Spain

The results of the special operation “Oligarch”, which at the end of September, we had the Civil guard of Spain, shocked not only the people of this country, but also become the reason for public outcry across Europe and primarily, Russia. Among the dozen detained our compatriots, who according to the version of the Spanish police are part of the “Russian mafia” and are suspected of money-laundering and having links with criminal gangs, was the acting Manager of AFK “Sistema” Arnold Spivakovsky.

photo: Natalia Gubernatorova

According to the TV channel “Rain”, Arnold Spivakovsky, also known as Arnold Tamm, was arrested in málaga province on 25 September, together with ten other Russians. They are suspected of laundering of significant funds and links with international crime bosses.

As suggested by the Spanish security forces, through their relations, they were taken out of Russia obtained by criminal means capital Solntsevo and Izmailovo criminal group, and then invested them in legitimate businesses — Marbella football club, a factory for the production of mineral water Aguas Sierra de Mijas and the Golf club Dama de Hoche. According to estimates of the investigation, in recent years, through these channels was “laundered” around 30 million euros.

The civil guard of Spain suspects that Arnold Spivakovsky not only took an active part in these machinations, but also led the criminal process. Spanish investigators suspect that he’s connected to the Solntsevskaya OPG and believe that he was a close aide of the famous criminal authority Semyon Mogilevich. Russian law enforcement bodies his name, as found by the TV channel “Rain”, it is known from the first half of 2000-ies, when Spivakovsky was appointed Deputy General Director of hotel “Beijing”. In 2002, he was arrested on suspicion of drug possession. This did not prevent him in 2006 to lead the “Cosmos” hotel, part of hotel division AFK “System”. In this position he worked until 2013, and then in the course of the year ruled by a group of “Intourist”.

In a press-service AFK “System” the publication RBK, which he continued journalistic investigation into the matter, reported that Spivakovsky is indeed an employee of the company and works in the division of the holding Group Segezha woodworking mill Sokolsky DOK. “About his detention by law enforcement bodies of Spain have we learned from the media and other information do not have”, — said the press service.

However, as suggested by independent experts, the Corporation Vladimir Yevtushenkov can be called a relic of the formative period of modern Russian economic model. According to the British independent media platform EU today the head of “System” Yevtushenkov “after “dashing” years of presidency of Boris Yeltsin was one of the few titans of the 1990-ies, who have managed to adapt to the Putin era restore order. And in 2010, after the resignation of Yuri Luzhkov as mayor of Moscow that Yevtushenkov remains, in many ways, the “last hero” of the era”. Your business, emphasizes the publication, Yevtushenkov has collected as a result of close acquaintance with senior officials of Russia. “Owner “System” is married to the sister Elena Baturina, wife of former Moscow mayor Yury Luzhkov. Since 1993, Yevtushenkov was able to purchase the whole collection of diverse assets — from the travel Agency “Intourist” to the famous store for children and refineries and urban gas station network”, — notes the edition.

The Director of analytical Department of “Alpari” Alexander Razuvaev, solidarities with the British edition and notes that “since the late 1990s, the years times have changed, and in the “System” didn’t understand”.

Yevtushenkov has come to the attention of not only Russian but also foreign media in connection with the sensational trial under the claim “Rosneft”. The reason for suing was the fact, that the possession of “Bashneft” AFK “System” has put out a significant financial and industrial assets and in this form sold to a new investor. The questionable nature of such operations is recognized as justice — August 23 the Arbitration court of Bashkiria has partially satisfied the claim of “Rosneft”, the new owner of the Bashkir oil company, and Bashneft, and the Republic of Bashkortostan to recover from AFK “System” for damages caused by Bashneft’s reorganization. The court ordered in favor of “Bashneft” 136,3 billion. There is reason to believe that in the near future, the penalty amount will rise to is 170.6 billion, as demanded by the plaintiffs.

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