Musk: the colonization of Mars will begin in 2022

The owner of the company Rasah Elon Musk has stated that it will begin to colonize Mars in 2022.


According to the statement, the Mask at the International Astronautical Congress in Adelaide, which leads TASS, to achieve this goal, his company will develop a reusable booster BFR, which can take up to 150 tons of payload. In height the rocket will reach 106 meters, length – 9 meters.

The missile is planned to equip 40 booths, each of which will accommodate 2-3 persons, thus, on Mars simultaneously will be able to be delivered more than a hundred astronauts.

“We will begin to build BFR – said Musk, is six to nine months and is fairly confident that will be able to build this system for five years In 2022 expect to perform two flights to Mars trucks, and in 2024 will be performed four flights – two cargo ships and two ships with astronauts”.

The primary goal on Mars will be the search of the water needed for colonization and production of fuel.

Musk also noted that his rocket will be used not only for interplanetary missions, but also as a transport on the Ground: when from new York to Shanghai can be reached in 39 minutes.

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