“Sitting in a certain voltage”: MP, watching “Matilda”, evaluated

The evening of 28 September in the cinema of Gum several deputies from the Duma Committee on culture, first of all one of the first saw the film by Alexei Uchitel “Matilda” and sedition could not find it. Meanwhile Natalia Poklonskaya (“ER”) threatened the filmmakers with a new parliamentary inquiry to the Prosecutor General.

Frame from the movie.

Among those who went to the show, the head of the Duma Committee on labor, social policy and veterans ‘ Affairs Yaroslav Nilov (LDPR), one of the authors adopted in 2013 law, which introduced into the criminal code article on the punishment for insulting the feelings of believers.

— Why did you go to the movies?

— In the community around this film turned a very tough discussion. I carefully watched all the arguing. Not directly but between the lines was the expressed position of President. ROC took a very cautious position. But I was very frustrating that intensified the organization and public figures, which began to take actions that are causing reputational damage to the Russian society, the authorities and the Orthodox Church. Then I said to myself: until I see the film itself, I will not Express my opinion.

— In the Duma of last convocation you headed the Committee on public associations and religious organizations, where he was born, the law on criminal liability for insulting the feelings of believers. Opponents of the “Matilda” I think that the film should be punished and on this article too…

In respect of article 148 of the Criminal code is still in society there is a misunderstanding. She rarely used — and thank God. But, unfortunately, we see attempts to use criminal law and where they are infringed, in this confused legal and everyday understanding of what an insult. In the everyday sense, people sometimes feel insulted if he just doesn’t like something. But in the legal sense of the insult is deliberate humiliation of honor and dignity in an indecent form. It is no coincidence that the same “pokemon catcher” (the blogger Ruslan Sokolovsky. — “MK”) is convicted not for what he actually caught these pokemon in the temple, and that then posted a video about this in the Internet, accompanied by his obscene statements in the address not only Orthodox, but also of other social groups.


Article 148 of the criminal code (“violation of the right to freedom of conscience and religion”) since 2013, says “public actions expressing clear disrespect for society and committed to insult the religious feelings of believers” the penalty to 300 thousand roubles or imprisonment for the term up to 1 year. If the act is committed in the temple — the maximum fine increases to 500 thousand rubles, and the term of imprisonment up to 3 years. According to the Judicial Department of the Supreme court of the Russian Federation, in 2014, according to this article in Russia, was sentenced 1 people, in 2015-m — 2, and in 2016-m — 5.

And what was your impression of “Matilda”?

— Throughout the film I sat in a certain voltage: peering into every episode to understand that there can be blasphemous and offensive. And by the end of the film I had a gap pattern, as they say, — so great was the difference between what is seen and what I eventually saw. The picture is not historical — it is a film about love. By the way, a documentary film about Matilda Kshesinskaya much tougher, his show for several years, and no-one is offended…

In front of us — artistic creativity: interpretation of the author, his vision. “9 Rota” also criticized the participants for the violation of chronology and factual inaccuracies, but the film turned out bright and memorable.

— Sorry, but are you yourself a believer?

Yes. In my office for several years on the wall are icons of Yaroslav the Wise and the Royal family canonized for martyrdom. Nicholas II was the same person, as we, suffered rushed, and it shows in the film. If we evaluate him as a historical figure, we in the liberal democratic party consider him a weak leader.

When after the show I was approached by a young man and began to say that there is, say, examination of the script, where he was recognized as insulting the feelings of believers, I said that I, as a believer, the film was not offended, and I decide what to watch and what not. And on the debate with any opponent, I am ready, provided that he himself saw the movie. This will be productive.


29 September on the website of the Duma Committee on culture was placed the statement, which says that “the heir to the Russian throne Nikolay Aleksandrovich, who later became the last Russian Emperor Nicholas II, shown in the film with great love and respect” — as a man, “which, of course, makes a choice between personal interests and public duty in favour of the latter”. The Committee on culture believes that “a wide theatrical release of the film will cause additional interest to the pages of history of our country.”

Meanwhile, the Deputy Natalia Poklonskaya (“ER”) announced that it decided to send re and is “collective” the Deputy inquiry to the Prosecutor General to ban “Matilda”, which “corrupts Orthodox Shrines and religious feelings of the people.” The names are ready to subscribe under the request of the deputies she did not call.



— “Matilda” I saw six months ago, and after another viewing, my opinion has not changed. I believe that in this film anything which could ignite the fuss, no, but I was wondering the opinion of the members of the Committee. Only that our Committee made a statement again insist that should not be violated the constitutional rights regarding censorship and freedom of creativity.

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