“Starring in the movie “Taxi” arrived at the “Forum for peace” in the Crimea

French actor Sami Naseri, known for the main role in the movie “Taxi” and its sequels, and singer Murad Burovi arrived in Crimea to participate in the “Forum world”.

“We, I – a popular singer in France – and Yourself – the best actor, came to the Crimea. I’m not afraid of sanctions, we love your country – Russia”, – said Baravi journalists on Friday evening in Simferopol.

Naseri has shared impressions about the trip to the Peninsula, it was quite long. “I’m faster than a taxi fly than the plane,” joked the actor.

The forum will be held October 1 in Yalta, his goal is the unification of public figures, politicians, actors, theater and film, musicians, businessmen, athletes, scientists for “the consolidation of efforts in public support of the peace processes and initiatives”.

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