The idea of a Mask on an international flight on missiles, said Russian expert

Corresponding member of the Russian Academy of cosmonautics Andrei Ionin commented on the recently announced project head of SpaceX Elon musk, implying the development of a rocket to fly from one point on Earth to another. According to Russian experts, even if such a method of travel possible, he has yet to prove its safety.


Earlier today, Elon Musk, speaking at the International Astronautical Congress in Australia, said that developed with the goal of colonization of Mars booster BFR could also be used for passenger flights from one point on Earth to another. This method, according to the businessman, would bring people from new York to Shanghai in just 30 minutes.

Andrew, son of Jonas, quoted believes that planes, ships and railroads are not so quick, but time-tested and proven security methods of travel on the big distance. The expert doubted that the service allows for half an hour to fly from new York to Shanghai, really need a large number of people.

Recently with criticism of the proposal the Mask was also made by Senator Alexei Pushkov, who called the owner of “decoy” on his Twitter page. However, the majority of Internet users take criticism of this kind rather skeptical.

During the conference, Musk also said that his company SpaceX plans to start colonizing the red planet in 2022. Created to this end, the rocket is expected to reach 106 meters in height and 9 meters in length. It can take up to 150 tons of payload, said the billionaire.

Not long ago, Elon Musk introduced a series of short videos dedicated to the future conquest of Mars.

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