“The legs are short, the face of the village”: a critique of appearances as an instrument of manipulation

Proponents of this newfangled movement criticize the appearance of people, causing them to burn with shame. Bodyshaping (from the English. body, shame — shame) was born in Hollywood, bred in social networks, and is widely used today to manipulate both in your personal life, and in some types of businesses. The correspondent of “MK” to explore the features of the new form of trolling.

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Not on the goods, the merchant or the merchant product?

— At the end of last school year for our course transferred new — Artem — says 20-year-old student of nick’s. — So all of a fashionable, expensive car. All the girls immediately began to discuss it. And our boys became friends with the new kid and have to tell that Artem is from the girls no end. It is clear why: good-looking, and money is seen. Girls love that. As for me, I don’t like guys, spoiled with attention, most often they are spoiled. So I just forgot about this new one.

Nick’s not one of those who catches the eye from a mile away. Such girls are called “cute”: low growth, Pysanka, but skladanka, with a pretty serious face… the Right girl, a student, with clear goals in life, not greedy for the good life, entertainment or money. “I could know about it,” Nika says quietly of itself. Girls of this type are rarely talked about behind their back, often they risk to remain unnoticed and you know it. So the harsh judgments in the address of their immensely surprised, as happened with Nika:

— I suddenly fellow students began to pass unflattering judgements about me from this new guy, Artem, — says the girl. And feet, saying, I have a short face of the village, and I don’t dress up stylishly… I was surprised to find him-then what is it?! But not even offended — who is he I like this to be offended by it! We never even really spoken to him, only lectures are seen.

Nick admits that after several reports that she and Artem “circle don’t like”, she began to pay attention to it:

— Probably, it is natural. If you find out that a man from day to day you commented, albeit in a negative way, begin to experience to his curiosity. At least in order to understand why it is necessary?!

More Nika was surprised when two weeks later, when the club celebrated the birthday of one of her fellow students, Tom asked her to dance. And once, twice — until it was obvious that it interested.

— After the next dance Artem asked me to go on the air and said that he likes me, — says nick. — I laughed that odd to me, love, because, everybody gave me nasty things that Artem was allowed to go to my appearance. He replied that he did not say anything, it’s all gossip jealous girls.

After that night Nika and Artem started Dating. On the course the buzz was that it is long, because a prominent, tall major Artyom and the little, round “nerd” nick are not a couple. Then ended the school year, passed the session, came the holidays, and about a couple of classmates forgot. And was very surprised when 1 Sep Nika and Artyom has told, that summer spent together.

— In the first day of school girls me right beat! — laughs nick. All were surprised, how we with Artem agreed, and was reminded how hard he trolls me at the end of last year, as ridiculed my figure… I asked again why everybody is talking about it. And then Artem has admitted to me that indeed last year released unflattering comments about me. Supposedly I seemed too inaccessible, too correct, and he was afraid for me to approach. So I decided to pre-me, as he put it, to “lower”.

— And you forgive him?

— I love him!

Arthur himself says:

— I have never had problems with girls of a certain category, which rely on their bright appearance. I know how to approach them, how to please them, anything to talk about… And Nika is very different. I didn’t know how to get her interested, because it is clear that the money, cars and clubs do not interest her. As in study I, frankly, not very… That used the marketing ploy of “depreciation”, which we at the University took place in the framework of the business strategies. It’s a gimmick in the course of trade, when the buyer is abusing the product, but the seller does not depart. And buys it at the lowest point of value when the seller unwittingly begins to believe that his product is so-so, sometimes better. This psychological technique is widely used in business and wins the one who has stronger endurance. And in regard to girls technique called the “bodyshaping” — you need in her eyes to diminish its foreign quality, so she was happy without you drew attention to it. Of course, I now feel a little ashamed that I used to Nike. But I’m glad she had the wisdom to understand that this is all my own systems, I thought the other way, I will not get her attention. Nick really liked my parents, they think she is having a positive effect on me. For those 5 months that we were together, I became more serious and purposeful. I have goals in life, and I used to think only about how the day was boring…

“In this case, the perpetrator found the strength to admit their goals and to repent in the chosen way, warns PhD Alina Kolesov. — So perhaps no wonder the girl forgave him. But my opinion: if the depreciation of a partner occurs on a regular basis and adopts Frank, even crude, that is intolerable. Especially if that popular nowadays bodyshaping applies the man to the woman. Relationship with the person who started the rapprochement with the devaluation of partner, if their development threatens to become even more destructive. The reasons for this behavior are rooted in low self-esteem of the manipulator, but his sacrifice that does not help. For someone who once allowed the partner to compensate for the self-esteem for its own account, it may result in permanent humiliation and relations on the principle of “tyrant — victim”. Victims of bodyshapers often people become weak, suggestible, suspicious, insecure and dependent on other people’s opinions.”

Bloodless elimination of the opponent

Women are more likely to use public bodyshaping to crack down on opponents.

— At first I really liked the girls from my group — says 17-year-old freshman Eugene. We immediately became friends with the whole group in social networks. But after a few days, the girls suddenly began to write under my summer photos of some strange comments. It seems to be not offensive, in the form of good advice, but still offensive. For example, under my photo on the beach said I should not wear open swimsuit this model for girls with slim waist. And under the photo in shorts one “dobrozhelatelnaya” I wrote that I have to wear wide and loose pants below the knee. “Shortcomings should not flaunt!” — wrote. It lasted more than a week, and at the University girls I smiled sweetly, as if nothing was happening. I enjoy conversation on this topic is not wound up, are they. I didn’t know how to react, but was very upset. Noticed that my mother and demanded that I not only deleted the comments the girls from its pages, but also expelled them from friends and blacklisted. And another said that I’m at uni too, I pretended that nothing happened as they are. And just look what happens…

Jack tells that listened to mom: in the social networks of their amidzic blocked, and in the classroom smiled at them as if nothing had happened. They did not survive the first: “What did you have banned? We want the best, the good tips you give. You can’t be so unself, you got a sick ego!”

According to Genis, soon clear itself. It turned out that Eugene has eyes of her new classmate Anton. And Anton, in turn, has an eye Diana, who considered himself the most beautiful and quickly became a leader among the girls of the group. Under their orders, and they tried to devalue marry in the eyes of Anton, who was also in social networks, by bodyshaping.

— Funny, but Anton himself didn’t even notice! — smiling Jack. — Once I talk to him about it and he said that any “girly” comments under a photo of girls usually do not read… I don’t pay attention to all sorts of attacks in my address in social networks.

Born in Hollywood…

Turning to the history of the issue. It turns out that the phenomenon of “bodyshaping” was born in the Hollywood hills (from the relevant columns in lustres, where apart the appearance of the stars) and gradually moved to the World wide web. Initially, the network bodyshaper also dismantled only photos of celebrities publicly stydia them for failing Hollywood standards. But soon enough, the phenomenon went to the people, who began to shame all and Sundry to spread in the Network your photos. Only if the canons, which are judged stars Hollywood bodyshaper, all clear (90-60-90), then where you take your reference bodyshaper-fans — a mystery. Or a game without rules. Some are criticized for being too thick legs, others too thin and thick priests to them as ugly and skinny. I guess they just like to criticize others. In opposition to bodyshapers are adipositivity who believes that your body should take any. As proof of his conviction they publish photos stokilogrammovye donuts in a Thong and also viciously stigmatize of losing weight, addicted to fitness and just leading a healthy lifestyle — say, that they are not just so, and go on about bodyshapers.

And bodyshaping, and bodypositive — trolling, giving users the ability to produce in the virtual space of excess of bile with impunity and to realize his thirst for carping, jealousy or just to compensate for the lack of any real life and communication. For example, the iconic “mom-size” (large size) Ashley Graham was hounded by his own adipositivity — when it seemed that she lost some weight. On page Ashley showered with angry attacks: “You’re just like those Hollywood monsters that came under the influence of the idea that beautiful is thin!” To appease the angry crowd, the network, upset Ashley probably threw them a bone in the form of their photos in a swimsuit with a full picture of cellulite. Adipositivity quiet, but Ashley immediately pounced bodyshaper. The model was even forced to make the article against the persecution of “corporal sign”: “For some, I’m too full-figured, for others — too tall, too Busty, too loud, and now too thin. When I post pictures of the “good side”, I am criticized for the fact that I look more lean. When I post pictures where you can see my cellulite, my stretch and folds, I was accused of promoting obesity…”. However, even under this article Ashley in the Network immediately there were comments about the state of her figure.

As to the Russian “star” of bodyshapers, they have sharpened the teeth on his first victim — ballerina Anastasia Volochkova. In spite of it plaguing her bodyshaper stubborn Nastya began to bombard the Internet with their candid photos. Dearly love domestic bodyshaper Anna Semenovich entirety and legs from Ksenia Sobchak. And the daughter of Roman Abramovich Sophia because of them even deleted their page in social networks. And restored only when lost, confessing that because of bodyshapers amassed a complex about their figures, although all his life engaged in horseback riding and competes in international competitions, “They wrote horrible things to me! I know, I’ve never been a thin girl model parameters, and I took a long time. But only recently realized that each of us has different ideas about perfection.”

In the West, bodyshaper ruthlessly attack the singers Lady Gaga, Sam Smith and Adele, models Gigi Hadid and Kim Kardashian, actress Gaboury Sidibe, tennis player Serena Williams and even master of fashion Karl Lagerfeld. Some of the celebrities find the strength to respond with humor. “I really cried reading this, when flying on his private jet to my dream job!” — wrote under the filth in your figure Gaboury Sidibe. And Adele said in the post that she is aware of his own shortcomings and with those she points to them, to communicate is not going to.

Western feminists are even published a Glossary of types of public discussion (and condemnation) of the physical characteristics of a person, calling it “discrimination on bodily characteristic”.

Bodyshaping (from the English. body — body shaming — shame) — criticism of body image.

Fatphobia (from the English. fat is fat phobia — fear) — the persecution of people who are overweight.

Skinnylaminx (from skinny skinny shaming — shame) is the pursuit of too thin people.

Ageism (age — age) — the dismissive and derisive attitude towards people over a certain age, especially women, continue to monitor themselves and to dress “young”.

Switchiing (to sweat — to sweat) — chase… sweating! Quite transparently hinting that expensive Botox injections in the armpits will help to stop it.

…Caught in marketing

And while users Troll each other on the Network, and psychologists share bodyshaping “white” (constructive, motivating the person to improve the situation) and black (destructive, which it is possible to drive them into depression or even to bring to the suicide), marketers of beauty industry took this procedure. However, the boundaries between the white and black aspects of the phenomenon remain unclear.

— With the help of bodyshaping we load idle equipment, — says my friend top Manager of the Russian branch of a Western company working in the field of the beauty industry. — Our head office West a year ago sent anti-crisis plan for each season. We hired handsome young men in good physical shape largely from the fitness instructors or PE teachers. They approach women on the street and make comments about their appearance. Depending on the season. From November to March make comments as individuals, because hardware procedures on the face can be done only in the period when there is little sun. And from April to September, unflattering comment on the body — hands, they say, flabby, cellulite thighs, hips drooped, and so on. Because the apparatus body idle. My bosses believe shame is the most powerful motivator.

But is the floor! — do not hold me.

— The floor is when the equipment is idle! — parries a top Manager.

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