Civil wife of Colonel Zakharchenko was arrested for fraud charges for $16 million

Source RIA “Novosti” in law enforcement announced the arrest of a civilian spouse of Colonel Dmitry Zakharchenko, Anastasia Pestrikova.

“On Thursday, Pestrikova, was detained. She is the suspect on criminal charges of “Fraud”. The plot of the charges is that she tried to steal $ 16 million from a friend,” said the source.

Press Secretary of the Basmanny court of Moscow Juno Tsarev confirmed that the materials in Pestrikova received by the court, the investigation seeks the arrest of a woman.

Her article on fraud threatens till 10 years of imprisonment.

We will remind that earlier work in MIA Bank was dismissed father Zakharchenko: he claimed that it occurred in connection with the criminal case against his son, but the court sided with the Bank, who considered that the dismissal was due to the absenteeism of the men. The court did not believe his words about the free chart, on which he was allegedly employed.

At the moment the Colonel himself in detention (it was extended to 8 December). He accused charged with a number of tricks, but a huge amount of cash in his house and has not received an explanation.

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