During the arrest shot, killed co-workers in the Amur region, the military

Mortally wounded during the arrest got soldiers who escaped with weapons from the landfill in the Amur region after the shooting of colleagues. According to the TSB, he offered armed resistance.

The press service of the Eastern military district reported that escaped with weapons from the landfill in the Amur region the soldier was fatally wounded during the arrest.

The counterterrorism division has detected and blocked the military, after which he offered armed resistance. Against him used the weapon as he opened fire.

“During the detention, they were rendered armed resistance and created a direct threat to the life of servicemen of anti-terror unit, after which it was used service weapon”, – said the press service of the district.

The Commission of the defense Ministry now installs all the circumstances of the incident at the scene.

Earlier it was reported that 23-year-old native of Dagestan at the site in the Amur region during the night of the shooting was shot from a machine of his colleagues and fled with weapons of war. As a result, three died, two are wounded. The preliminary cause of his act called a nervous breakdown.

Read the material: “the version of the massacre, which staged the Dagestani in the Amur region”.

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